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How to Copy DVD to Huawei Phones and Tablets for Free Playback

Nowadays, most of you incline to watch videos with Huawei phone, which is portable and convenient. Yet the fact that Huawei phone can’t play DVD movies has frustrated many people. This article provides the solution to copy DVD to Huawei phones and tablet to watch DVD movie on Huawei devices freely. Get the useful DVD ripper and let's start:


Updated on Oct 11, 2023

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Huawei, a burgeoning Chinese networking and telecommunications equipment maker that manufactures phones, tablets and related tech products, owes huge numbers of users around the world. So it’s not surprised many people surrounding use Huawei phones. Now Huawei has released a string of mobile devices like Huawei Mate 60/Pro, Huawei P60/Pro/Art, Huawei Nova 10, Media Pad Pro, etc. The speed of products renewal is fairly fast and various interesting features are put in. However, like all other mobile devices, Huawei still can’t achieve DVD playback.

Play DVD on Huawei phones

Play DVD on Huawei phones

Recently, my friend purchased Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on Amazon but doesn’t have time to watch it at home on TV. He asked me if there were some methods to watch the DVD with his Huawei phone. Well, it’s an apparent fact that Huawei doesn’t have a DVD drive so users can’t play DVD movies on Huawei devices directly. I believe many of you urge to rip DVD to your Huawei portable devices just as my friends, like DVD to Huawei tablet, phone and so forth. Is there any method to work it out?

How to Play DVD Movies on Your Huawei Devices?

Fortunately, a convenient method to watch the DVD movies is still available. Just rip and convert DVD to video that is compatible with Huawei, then you can watch DVD movie on Huawei devices. If you’re confused about how to do that, just keep reading!

As a widely used format on android phones, MP4 is also used for Huawei video, so you can convert DVD to a digital MP4 video and play it with your phone. Of course, you may find various so called DVD to Huawei phones ripper, but some programs are filled with gimmicks, such as ads, malware and even virus. To get rid of those extra troubles and watch DVD movie on Huawei devices freely, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is highly recommended.

With the advanced DVD decryption technology, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can convert any DVD including those protected DVD movies to your Huawei devices. And that, you are allowed to rip DVD to Android TV, play DVD on PS4, import DVD to imovie and copy DVD to many other devices and rip DVD to MP4 at sharp speed with original quality.

Now, free download this program and install it on your PC for preparation.

Warm Prompt: Please make sure that it is a legal action to copy DVDs you have bought in your country.

Rip DVD to Huawei Phones with Simple Three Steps

Step 1

Run WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro and load the DVD you want to rip by clicking the DVD disc icon. You’re also able to select the ISO image and DVD folder.

Load DVD movie

Load DVD movie

Step 2

The main movie of this DVD has been selected intelligently. You need to choose a format by clicking the Output Format on the right side of the main interface.

Choose the output formats

Choose the output formats


There are two methods for you to copy DVD to Huawei devices. You can rip DVD to MP4 which can be played on almost all devices. Or you can click Huawei icon to find the model you need directly. The ready-made presets for the latest Huawei devices are offered. This time, we’ll take the first method as an example.

 Two methods to rip DVD to Huawei devices

Two methods to rip DVD to Huawei devices

Step 3

Now, click “Run” button. It takes less than 20 minutes to rip a 150 minutes DVD to MP4, with 0-Quality-Loss. You can play the DVD movies on your Huawei devices freely.

The last step to rip DVD

The last step to rip DVD

That’s the whole process of ripping DVD to Huawei phones, which also goes for other Huawei devices like DVD to Huawei tablet, Huawei mate, Honor series, etc.

Comparison: Huawei iPhone---Which One Do You Prefer

Since Huawei P10 was released last year, you must find that the P10 looks more like an iPhone 7. Inevitably, Huawei P10 always gets compared to iPhone 7. So I choose several noticeable features to show you the differences of them.

1. Outlook: Huawei P10 is reminiscent of the P9 and has some subtle changes and advanced features. And iPhone 7 is the renovation of iPhone 6. Compared with iPhone 7, with a 4.7-inch screen, Huawei 10 has a larger 5.2-inch screen, which is good news for those users who incline to large screen. Meanwhile, people have more choices of colors when purchasing P10.

2. CPU and battery capacity: Huawei P10 equips Hass kylin 960 processor and 3200mAh battery capacity. And iPhone has its own CPU- A10 with 1960mAh battery capacity.

3. Headphone socket: The biggest change of iPhone 7 is it doesn’t have 3.5mm headphone socket. You need to use the Lightning port or connect wirelessly over Bluetooth to plug in headphone. Huawei P10 still allows you to hear in the conventional way.

4. Camera: The highlight of Huawei P10 is it uses Leica camera with various phones' feature sets. For selfie fans, it is a great choice. But the camera function of iPhone is in no way inferior to Huawei P10.

Basing on your own demands, you can choose the one which is really useful. And you can also copy DVD to iPhone 7 with WoderFox DVD Ripper Pro.

Now, please download the DVD Ripper Pro to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

  • Copy any DVD including home-made and copy-protected DVD
  • Transfer DVD to 300+ formats and hot devices
  • Edit the output video by cropping, clipping and adding special effects.
  • Add/disable subtitles for your own demands
  • High compression rate to save more storage space for your digital players
  • Extract DVD video's audio file into your USB with lossless quality
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Copy DVD to Huawei Phones and Tablets

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