[2024 Updated Methods] How to Download Private Facebook Videos?

Are you looking for a workable way to download private Facebook videos? Here are tried and tested tools for the download task.

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Method 1: Download Private Facebook Videos on Browser Directly

Method 2: Online Facebook Private Video Downloaders

Method 3: Private Facebook Video Download Extensions

Private Facebook videos are not visible to the public but only to specific friends or uploaders themselves. When a person shares a video on Facebook, he or she can choose who the video to be shared with and only registered Facebook users who have the permission can access it. Due to the restriction, fewer Facebook downloaders are competent to deal with this type of Facecbook videos. But if you have the need of saving private Facebook videos, the following methods will bring you good results.

Disclaimer: WonderFox does not advocate downloading copyright or private content without permission. This tutorial is only for personal fair use.

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Method 1: Download Private Facebook Videos on Browser Directly

A direct download method is available without installing any plug-in, as follows.

Step 1. Open the Facebook private video you want to download. Please make sure to extend the video page.

Step 2. Change www in the video URL to m. Then, open the new URL.

How to download private videos from Facebook

Step 3. Press F12 on your keyboard or right click on a blank area and select Inspect.

How to download a private Facebook video

Step 4. Click the top left “Select an element in the page to inspect it” icon from the Inspect Element window, then play the private video. The source video URL will be highlighted as shown below:

Direct private Facebook video downloader

Step 5. Double click on the highlighted codes, copy the video URL and open it on a new tab.

Step 6. Right click on the video, select “Save vide” as.

Download Facebook private videos

Now you have downloaded the private Facebook video successfully.
However, in this way, the video is saved in SD quality, which is suitable on portable devices yet may looks crappy on desktop. If you need an HD version, try the following methods.  

Method 2: Online Facebook Private Video Downloaders

A few online video downloaders are capable of handling private Facebook videos and delivering superior qualities. Different from general Facebook video downloaders, FB private video downloaders usually scrape video information from the video page source and generates download options.

Here are four practicable websites for private video download from Facebook:

Since the download steps are rather similar, we take fbdownloader.net for example to show you how to download private videos from Facebook:

Step 1. Open the Facebook video. Right click the blank area, select View page source.

Step 2. On the page source tab, press Ctrl + A to select all page source codes, then press Ctrl + C to copy them.

Facebook video downloader private

Step 3. Visit https://fvdownloader.net/private-facebook-downloader.

Step 4. Paste the page source codes into the blank box. Click Download Video.

Enter the codes

Step 5. It takes a while to process the video. You will be taken to a new page where the specific video download options are generated. You can choose to download the video in SD quality or HD quality by selecting corresponding download button. Besides, it allows you to scan QR code to download private videos on portable devices.

Download private Facebook videos mobile

Method 3: Private Facebook Video Download Extensions

Some video download extensions enable you to download private Facebook videos. There is no need to go into the video page source. The whole process can be more straightforward and efficient. The following are two good choices on Google Chrome.

1. Social Video Downloader

Offered by anna.kurlyand, Social Video Downloader is a special download extension for Facebook. It can grab any video from the social network, including private ones. After installing it on your browser, open the video you want to download, and a green download button will appear over the video. Click the button and select to download the video in HD or SD quality. Then the download process will start immediately.

Download private FB video

2. Video Downloader Plus

The other extension is called Video Downloader Plus. You will see the extension icon on the toolbar of your browser when it gets installed. Open a private video, the icon will be labelled with a number of 1, 2, or more, which means how many available downloads there are. Click the extension icon to extend the download options, then click the download button next to the desired option.

Save private Facebook video

The Bottom Line

With these private Facebook downloaders, you will be able to download wanted videos without hassles. However, due to the changes of Facebook video algorithms, some of the tools may become ineffectual for private Facebook videos so we will further update the post. Please bookmark this page and check back anytime.

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