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Fitness Workout Videos Free Download from 3 Sites

Author by Cooper

Updated on Mar 15, 2024

Nowadays, many people spend their working days at their desks, and long hours of work comes with fatigue. At this time, proper exercise can alleviate fatigue. In order to better exercise, we can download exercise videos that are suitable for ourselves from the Internet. In the following article, I have listed three well-acclaimed download sites that I have used. For preparation, download the exercise video downloader:

When exercising by following online exercise videos, an internet lagging issue may disrupt you. It distracts you and makes it hard to keep exercising. Especially when you feel a little tired after tough work or some exercise, it will lead to a worse outcome - wasting today's workout time. Therefore, it's a good idea to download exercise videos so as to solve this problem and improve exercise without any network lagging. Besides that, after you download fitness videos, you can exercise anytime and anywhere even when the network is not available. For workout video downloads, I will introduce three websites to you in the following content. Scroll down to check them out.

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Top 3 Sites to Download Exercise Videos

Top 1. Fitness Blender

Fitness BlenderFitness Blender

When talking about fitness video sites, we have to talk about the leader of them (Maybe in my mind only) – Fitness Blender. As a most popular fitness site, Fitness Blender gets around 7,500 single traffic every day. You can find videos you want easily by using the great built-in filter, which allows you to search certain videos sorted by the duration, calorie burn, difficulty, trainer, body focus, training type, and equipment. You can totally find all kinds of exercise videos here. Besides various videos, Fitness Blender further provides you with advice about health training recipes and an opportunity to chat with other trainers by signing in. What’s more, this site even sells workout sportswear. To sum up, if you want to find a workout video viewing/downloading site, Fitness Blender must be one of your best choices.

Top 2. Fitness (Not working)


This site has a similar name with the Top 1, but it was built 20 years ago which is much older than the former (Established in 2010/August) and it does get 3000 single traffic more than the former per day. While compared to Fitness Blender, Fitness provides you with shorter videos but more detailed text information about how to do and what you need to pay attention to. This site often shares exercise plans with you, which are listed by diets & weight loss, run, mind & body, health, and even beauty. In a word, Fitness is more of a health advisory site than a fitness video site, but it is really useful in building up your body. Bad news, it’s quite a bit hard to download exercise videos here, you can click to view a high-related article and learn how to download streaming videos.

Top 3. YouTube Workout Channels

Besides the professional sites above, I have also found some sites that provide videos linked to YouTube channels. For that, I have directly listed 2 well-acclaimed YouTube channels for downloading workout videos:


WORKOUT is a great team of professional fitness athletes and coaches and also has a dedicated video editing team. From each video here, you can find out which part of the muscles can be trained. If you want to train a certain part, visit here.

This channel provides common-sense workout videos, which help you relax after an exhausting workday. You can get exercise advice from each video. Try there for a better mental state when you feel tired.

User Guideline on Downloading Workout Videos from Sites above

Copy workout video URL

Before starting downloading videos, please free downloadfree download and install WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Step 1. Copy Workout Video URL

Head to the page you want to download an exercise video from, right-click the video and copy its video URL. If you want to download a YouTube channel or playlist, you can also use the same method to copy its URL.

Paste and Analyze URL

Step 2. Paste and Analyze URL

Launch the URL downloader, click the Downloader button to enter the download part. Click New Download on the top-left corner to build a new download task. In the new pop-up dialog, click Paste and Analyze.

Choose Download Options

Step 3. Choose Download Options

After the short loading time, video and audio download options in different qualities are listed in the center of the dialog. Choose one of them. Optionally, this downloader further allows you to download YouTube subtitles. Remember to select the subtitle download checkbox.

Start downloading exercise videos

Step 4. Start to Download Exercise Videos

As the download option is selected, click Ok on the bottom of the dialog to back to the main download window. Now, you can choose to add another download task or click Download All to start the added download task.

At last...

Now, you have learned about some of the well-acclaimed exercise video download sites. On the basis of your needs, download videos and start exercising now. A workout a day brings you a better body and mental state.

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