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The Advantages of the SWF Video Format

With the extensive use of the Internet, more and more video play on websites. Gradually, SWF becomes a popular video format. So, what advantages does it have to make it so popular?

First, Shockwave Flash is the full name of SWF. It is a binary file format that delivers vector graphics (especially animations) and other data types, including "bitmapped" video, over the Internet to the Macromedia Flash Player.

Second, SWF files can incorporate sound and video and even bitmap files. A major advantage of SWF format is that it is vector based. This means that the graphics can be scaled easily, so they can be zoomed in or be fit onto different size screens, and the file will still be very clear and played very smoothly (unlike bitmap animation).

Other advantages of SWF format includes fast loading, easy and smooth compression, and it also supports transparencies (like PNG and GIF).

Convert AVI to SWF with Free SWF Video Converter

Above all, I think you know the reason why it is so popular. But now, new problem occurred. How to convert AVI to SWF is a problem for many users who wants to share videos on websites. AVI is popular for its great picture quality, but AVI is also known as its big file size. So AVI is not a popular format for website video sharing. If you want to put videos on website, the first thing you need do is to convert AVI to SWF. It can be said, SWF is a good choice for video website sharing for its small file size and good quality.

Then it is necessary for you to own free SWF video converting software to convert AVI to SWF. Here I recommend you a good free SWF video converter; it is Free SWF Video Converter Factory. This free SWF video converting software is easy, fast, reliable, safe, and loaded with features. It is a really all-in-one video converter. Convert AVI to SWF is just one choice; it also can convert all pop video formats like MPEG, WMV, MP4, WAV, ASF, etc. to SWF. What's more, you can adjust a series of parameters to meet your demand, extract audio from video, capture pictures from video.

At the same time, this program can help you make your own websites or your Blog more colorful and fantastic. So what are you waiting for? Just download Free SWF Video Converter Factory and use it. Finally, if you want to own this program for a long time, even a whole life, you must keep updating.

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What else can SWF Video Converter Factory Pro Do for You?

SWF Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one best SWF video converter, with it, you can get the popular video format - SWF easily. What's more, it is also capable of converting videos of all pop formats like AVI, MPEG WMV , MP4, etc. And it can convert all pop formats of audio like MP3, WMA , etc.

As we know, SWF is a popular format widely used in animated field and network. With SWF, you can put some animated effects on your favorite photos, make your own websites or your Blog more colorful and fantastic, deliver your videos to the internet to share your experiences and even be a master of webpage design or animation creator. SWF Video Converter Factory Pro is just the right video converter that can help you do all the tasks mentioned above.

With SWF Video Converter Factory Pro, you can easily convert any of your video files to SWF either for putting some animated effects on your favorite photos or making your own websites or your Blog more colorful and fantastic. What’s better, SWF Video Converter Factory Pro can convert video fast, stably and without quality loss.

For more information about SWF Video Converter Factory Pro: Detailed information of SWF Video Converter Factory Pro >>

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