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Best Sites to Watch Documentaries and How to Download Documentaries Easily

Author by Annie

Updated on Jan 13, 2023

As one of the most popular movie and TV forms, documentaries are always well-loved by both children and adults for their profound meaning and ravishing pictures. So here, we will introduce to you some of the best sites to watch documentaries and also a free documentaries downloader to help you download documentaries from over 1000 websites with ease:

Documentaries are intended to record reality mainly for the purpose of education and instruction. So as one of the sources of acquiring knowledge, documentaries are much-liked by both children and adults for the vividness and edutainment. They are good tools for education and entertainment. Due to the abundant types and topics, documentaries can meet the needs of all the different ages. There are lots of websites providing watching documentaries online, but which has some limited conditions, such as the Internet speed requirements, inconvenient viewing at any time, etc. So, the best way is to download documentaries. Here, we highly recommend to you a wonderful documentaries downloader to help you get documentary film download.

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The following method is for personal use only. WonderFox never advocates any illegal downloading behavior, please ensure that your actions are legal in your country.

3 Best Sites to Watch and Download Documentaries

Watch Documentaries on YouTubeWatch Documentaries on YouTube

1. YouTube

Speaking of video watching, the first website that comes to our mind must be YouTube. Surely, as the largest video-sharing website around the world, YouTube is definitely a wonderful choice to watch documentaries. In the Movie section, there are lot of movie genres being listed. Just choose Documentary and all the available documentaries will be listed by categories, like Top Selling, New Releases, Most Popular and so on. But unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t provide downloading feature, so, if you do want to watch YouTube documentaries offline, the best choice is using a third-party tool.

Watch Documentaries on VimeoWatch Documentaries on Vimeo

2. Vimeo

Besides YouTube, Vimeo is definitely the second best website for watching and uploading videos when it comes to size and popularity. The best part of Vimeo is that it supports high definition videos, so, if you want to have a clearer viewing experience, Vimeo is surely a wonderful choice to watch documentaries. I think another highlight of watching documentaries on Vimeo is that it has a better classification of documentaries. It classifies documentaries into 5 parts: Arts & Craft, Culture & Tech, Nature, People, and Sports. It is especially convenient for those who have needs of watching a specific category. If you want to download your favorite Vimeo videos, an easy-to-use Vimeo downloader is necessary.

Watch Documentaries on BBCWatch Documentaries on BBC

3. BBC

BBC is widely-known for the news broadcast. But more than a news broadcaster, there are also lots of documentaries, TV shows, music, games, etc. on BBC. So more and more people tend to watch videos on BBC, and BBC documentaries are gaining their popularity around the world. However, like YouTube, BBC doesn’t provide downloading option either. So, if you want to download documentaries or download other videos from BBC, you can try some third-party documentaries downloaders.

The Easiest Free Documentaries Downloader – Download Documentaries from 1000+ Websites

If you want to download documentary films from online websites, Free HD Video Converter Factory is highly recommended. It supports downloading documentaries from over 1000 websites, and even 4K, 8K documentaries are available. For example, you can download VK videos, download Viki videos, download NBC videos, etc. Moreover, if you want to convert downloaded documentaries to other formats, Free HD Video Converter Factory is also a good helper. Just keep reading and find out how to get documentary videos free download in a few clicks.

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3 Steps to Download Documentary with the Best Free Documentaries Downloader

Before start, please free downloadfree download Free HD Video Converter Factory and install it on your PC, then follow the steps to quickly get free documentary film download.

Downloading Documentary Film from YouTube

Step 1. Click Download Video Button to Download Documentary Movies

To download documentaries, firstly, launch the documentary downloader on your computer, select Downloader, then click + New Download button to open the Add New Download dialog.

Step 2. Copy and Paste the Movie’s URL to the Box and Analyze It

Choose your desired documentary on video-sharing websites and copy the URL, then paste it to the Add URL box and click Analyze to continue to get free documentaries download. Here, we will take YouTube as an example to present how to get documentary download.

Step 3. Start to Download Documentary

After the analysis process, all the resolutions and formats for the documentary that you can download are listed. Just choose the one you need and click OK, Download All to get the documentary download.

How to Convert Downloaded Videos to Other Formats? Still Try Free HD Video Converter Factory!

More than a video downloader to download documentaries and other videos/audio files from 1000+ websites, Free HD Video Converter Factory is very good at converting video/audio formats. It can convert almost any video/audio to over 300 formats at the high speed and with original quality preserved. For example, it can convert WebM to MP4, convert MP4 to 3GP, convert WMV to MP4, etc.

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Batch Converting Videos and Audio – Save Your Time and Give You More Choices

Batch Converting Videos and Audio – Save Your Time and Give You More Choices

HD Video Converter Factor Pro

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is here to help you take more control of your videos and audio files. Besides supporting 500+ videos/audio formats and devices, the best parts of the software are 50X faster conversion speed, batch processing, built-in ringtone studio, lossless compression, etc. More features waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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