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4 Best Free BRSTM Converters for Converting BRSTM to MP3
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4 Best Free BRSTM Converters for Converting BRSTM to MP3 with Ease

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Jun 12, 2020

Are you still looking for an easy-to-use BRSTM converter? Do you want to quickly complete BRSTM MP3 conversion? This article will give you the solution you need. Read on to get 4 commonly used audio converters to convert BRSTM files and you can free download the recommended audio converter here:

Why Do We Need a BRSTM Converter?

Q: How do I play .brstm files? I have downloaded a Zip file of .brstm files, which are supposed to be audio files, like .mp3. Is there a player for them?

Q: I'm trying to convert some .brstm files I downloaded into MP3 files. How can I do that? I don't know any programs that can do the conversion, can someone help me? All I know about BRSTM file is that it's a file type that can be played on a Wii.

A: That's right, the .brstm file is an audio stream file commonly used in sound effects or background music of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube games. However, this format is very unpopular, and many players, software, and devices are not compatible with it. If you are also fond of video game music and interested in knowing how to convert BRSTM to MP3 for convenient playback on different platforms and devices, just follow this article and you will get the answers you want.

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4 Recommended BRSTM Converters for BRSTM to MP3 Conversion with Ease

First Choice: Free HD Video Converter Factory

Free HD Video Converter Factory is a completely free gift, supporting you in converting .brstm file to MP3, WAV, AAC and more audio formats. Besides, if you have other unpopular audio formats, you can also convert them to another audio format like APE to WAV, QCP to MP3, or VOC to MP3, etc. Anyway, free downloadfree download this audio converter to start your work!

Free Download Free Download

How to Convert BRSTM to MP3 in Few Clicks with the Best BRSTM Converter

Converting BRSTM to MP3

Step 1: Load Source File into the BRSTM Converter

Free downloadFree download and install the BRSTM converter on your PC and go to the Converter module. And then, click "Add Files" on the menu bar or you can simply drag-and-drop BRSTM files into the program.

Tips: The program can be featured as a built-in BRSTM player, so you can click the preview button to directly play your audio here.

Step 2: Choose MP3 as the Output Format

Click on the "Click to change output format" section and then click on the "Audio" tab. Then select the MP3 profile from the list. Of course, you can convert BRSTM to WAV, FLAC, AAC and other audio formats.

Step 3: Finish Conversion

Set the output path via the inverted triangle button at the bottom and then click on the "Run" button to finish the BRSTM MP3 conversion. The conversion will be done in a few seconds.

Option 2: VLC Media Player

How to Convert BRSTM File to MP3 with VLCHow to Convert BRSTM File to MP3 with VLC

Some players need a plug-in to play BRSTM files normally, and VLC not only supports BRSTM playback (If the format is not associated with VLC, you need to manually click File > Open File > All Files to import), but also can be used as a BRSTM converter.

Step 1. Run VLC, click Media on the menu bar > Convert/Save, or directly press the shortcut key Ctrl+R.

Step 2. Click Add to import the BRSTM file, then press the Convert/Save button below.

Step 3. Click on the Profile drop-down list and select "Audio - MP3".

Step 4. Select the output directory and finally click the Start button to start the conversion.

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Option 3: BrawlBox

Converting BRSTM to WAVConverting BRSTM to WAV

BrawlBox is designed to edit various types of data files, which supports both BRSTM playback and BRSTM to WAV conversion.

Step 1. Before you get started, please download the BRSTM converter at

Step 2. Run BrawlBox and click File on the menu bar to import the BRSTM file, which can be played on the right side.

Step 3. Right-click on the file name on the left, select Export, select the output directory, customize the file name, and select Uncompressed PCM WAV for the file type.

Step 4. Click Save to start the conversion.

Option 4: Looping Audio Converter

Converting BRSTM to MP3, FLAC, WAVConverting BRSTM to MP3, FLAC, WAV

Looping Audio Converter is a portable and compact BRSTM converter.

Step 1. There are two download addresses for you to download Looping Audio Converter: or

Once the decompression is complete, the software can be used directly.

Step 2. Run the Looping Audio Converter and click Add or Add Folder to add the BRSTM file.

Step 3. Custom output directory, and select MP3 or FLAC, WAV, OGG on the list of output formats.

Step 4. Click the Start button to start the conversion.

These are the four common BRSTM converters available for converting your BRSTM files to other audio formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc. Are you getting the detailed steps for each tool? Finally, hope this article does help you convert BRSTM to MP3 easily, and you are free to share this article with more people!

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