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How to Play AMR Audio Files Easily Using AMR Player?
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The Best AMR Player to Play AMR Audio Files Smoothly

Author by Hales

Updated on Jan 10, 2023

AMR is an audio format widely used in recordings on a variety of mobile devices. This format effectively compresses audio into smaller files and takes up very little space on a mobile device. However, AMR audio files don't play on some media players and platforms, which causes much inconvenience. Given this, this post introduces an awesome AMR player and shows you how to play AMR files smoothly.

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What's an AMR File? How to Play AMR Files?

The AMR file format (Adaptive Multi-Rate) is an audio format mainly used on mobile devices. Many mobile phones allow you to store short recordings in AMR format. AMR is also a file format for storing voice audio using the AMR codec. The file extension is .amr. AMR files include AMR-NB (narrow band) and AMR-WB (broad band) and can be saved in two formats. Moreover, AMR also has two characteristics of high compression ratio and low memory usage, but AMR undoubtedly has poor sound quality. Normally, voice memos in iPhone and Blackberry save recordings in AMR format. Many popular audio/video players now open AMR files by default, including VLC and QuickTime. Yet, AMR files cannot be played by Windows Media Player. So for better sound quality and better playback of AMR files, this article will introduce two methods to solve AMR playback problems easily.

How to Play AMR Files with AMR Player for Windows?

AMR Player is a very convenient audio player, and it's free. This free AMR player allows users to play these AMR files and convert AMR to MP3 or WAV audio formats and vice versa. This tool is very easy to use, the following is a brief description of the steps.

Method 1: Play AMR Using the Professional AMR Player

Play .amr FilePlay .amr File

Before start, please free download AMR Player on the computer from the link:

Step 1. Add AMR Audio Files

First click Add File in the upper left corner to add the AMR files.

Step 2. Directly Play AMR Files

Then select the file you want to play and click Play button to play the AMR audio smoothly.

Step 3. Change the Audio Format

If you want to convert AMR files to MP3, WAV or convert MP3 and WAV files to AMR format, you only need to find the corresponding option in the upper right corner.

In addition to the above AMR files player, we recommend a more advanced and professional audio and video format converter, and also an excellent AMR file player - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which can not only play AMR files directly, but convert AMR files to MP3 / WAV and other more audio formats. If you need to play them on PC or other devices, this software can also convert files to almost any device for playback in a quick time. So this is your best choice, download it below and learn the specific tutorial.

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Method 2: A Better Solution for Playing AMR Files

Add Files to the Software

Before start, please free download and install HD Video Converter Factory Pro on PC.

Step 1. Import Audio Files

At first, you need to launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open Converter on your computer, click "Add Files" button on the top to add AMR files or drag the audio files directly. Note here that when you add the AMR files to the software you can see the basic information of the source file, including the source file format, file size and audio duration.

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Step 2. Change the Output Format

After adding the AMR files successfully, you need to turn to the "Output Format" on the right, then find "Audio" category in the expanded list, and finally select the MP3 or WAV audio format you need in the provided audio formats. We also provide many other formats here, such as FLAC, AAC, AC3, DTS, etc. Finally, select the "Output Folder" at the bottom to set the storage location of the new audio files. Then click the “Run” button to start the conversion process and you will get the perfect new audio files to play smoothly.

At last

Many users may also be looking for an AMR player online, but they are rare, and when you search how to play AMR file online, most of the search results are related to AMR to MP3, WAV, so this article gives you two methods that are the best. Of course, in order to play AMR files in Windows Media Player, you'll first need to convert them into a format that the program supports, such as WMA.

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