What Is 60 FPS Anime and Does It Look Better?

Usage of high frame rates on cinema has become a trend in recent years along with people’s growing demands for superior video quality. Thus, the feasibility of 60 FPS and higher frame rates on anime industry also leads to a hot discussion among anime enthusiasts. Today we focus on anime in 60 FPS and explains relevant aspects most people are interested in.

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Part 1. What Is 60 FPS Anime

Part 2. Does 60 FPS Look Better

Part 3. What is Frames Interpolated 60 FPS Anime

Part 4. Where to Watch 60 FPS Anime

-Download 60 FPS Anime from YouTube

-Convert Anime to FPS

Part 1. What Is 60 FPS Anime?

A video is actually a series of still images technically called frames. The number of frames appearing per second on a display is frame rate or frame frequency. Thus, an anime in 60 FPS refers to that 60 consecutive images appear each second. Since higher frame rates deliver more crisp details and smooth motion, theoretically, an anime video with 60 frames each second should achieve more realistic and smooth viewing experience, yet which doesn’t mean anime in 60 FPS will definitely look better than lower frame rate.

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Part 2. Does 60 FPS Look Better?

Currently, anime TV series and films are produced at an average of 24 frames (one drawing for every two frames) per second, to bring still figures to life. It is a standard similar to how we see in the real world and also meet anime aesthetic. Besides, many 2D animation studios have used limited animation techniques to produce anime for saving production time and also as innovative artistic devices. Limited animation is an important characteristic of anime. Such techniques involve using common parts from each frames rather than redrawing a scene. Consequently, less details are focused when compared with the Disney-like animation.

By contrast, in despite of more details, 60 FPS production will be a gigantic task, which requires more than double of the expense and time. Even without the cost, while an anime in 60 FPS brings more realistic and smooth viewing experience, it may diminish the distinct animation effect the animator emphasizes on. Of course, 60 FPS still holds remarkable merits on the likes of action or sport anime that involve a lot of motions as it can present more smooth and detailed scenes.

Having said that, some may still be interested to know how a 60 FPS anime looks like. The fact is, there is no any official anime released in 60 FPS at present. But many people have used artificial intelligence applications to convert anime to 60FPS. So can it deliver perfect effects?

Part 3. What is Frames Interpolated 60 FPS Anime

Through a dedicated application, you are able to interpolate frames to anime to improve the frame rate, namely, convert anime to 60FPS. Essentially, it is a process of copying and inserting the same frames from the anime to each specified point among frames, to render 60 frames for each second, which can either result in smoother motion or artefacts and unnatural movements based on the interpolation application you use and the anime you want to process. Of course, people have varying views on 60 FPS anime. Some think frames interpolation only ruins the animator’s original intention and composition of an anime. Other people hold that there are many good 60fps interpolation examples that are superior for watching. Because of different viewing preferences, the debates on converted 60 FPS anime are still going on.

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Part 4. Where to Watch 60 FPS Anime?

As we have noted before, no official full anime in 60 FPS has been produced now. But many enthusiasts have created interpolated clips of anime out of experiments and contrast. You can easily find such 60 FPS anime from video websites like YouTube.  
If there are some good clips you want to collect from the Internet, here is a free anime downloader you can make use of – WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitter, and more other social media and video hosting websites. More importantly, it can be used as a versatile 60 FPS converter so you can also use it to create your own 60 FPS clips. Here are the how-tos. Free download the software for preparation by clicking the button below.

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Disclaimer: This guide is limited to personal fair use only. It is illegal to download copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent. WonderFox does not approve of copyright infringement in any way. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

Download anime 60 FPS

-Download 60 FPS anime from YouTube

Step 1. Start Free HD Video Converter Factory, go to Downloader.

Step 2. Click + New Download.

Step 3. Open the video you want to download and copy the video URL. Based on different platforms, the ways to access URL are varied. For example, on YouTube, you can either copy the video address from the browser address bar or right click on the video and select Copy video URL.

Step 4. Go back to the software, and click on Paste and Analyze.

Step 5. Select a download option under Download Video section.

Step 6. Click on OK, then Download All.

Convert anime to 60 FPS

-Convert Anime to FPS

Step 1. On the main window, select Converter.

Step 2. Click on Add Files, select the anime video you want to convert to 60 FPS and import it into the Video Converter interface.

Step 3. Go to Output Format interface by clicking the format icon on the right side, then select an output format for the anime.

Step 4. Click the Parameter settings on the lower right side, open the Frame Rate drop-down list, select 60 fps, and click OK.

Step 5. Click the small triangle icon on the bottom and specify the output path. Finally, click Run.

In Summary

60 FPS anime cuts both ways. It is hard to say it is superior than standard frame rates or deviate from the essence of animation. After all, there are different strokes for different folks. Personally, I cling to watch anime without any later interpolations and also expect that there will be official 60 FPS anime releases available one day. So what do you think?

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