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Undoubtedly, VR (Virtual Reality) technologies is booming throughout the world. Almost all Internet giants and hardware/software companies are focusing on this new emerging field. Due to its immersive interaction and sensory experience, we have reasons to believe that it will raise a revolutionary storm worldwide in the fields of VR game and VR movie. It's worth mentioning that if you want to get more excellent VR games which are worth to play with better immersive VR experiences, PC-connected headsets will offer a far more robust experience with different input devices and higher fidelity graphics. However, the pricey price will be daunting to beginners.

Watch VR Movies

Watch VR Movies

Comparing with VR game, VR movie is affordable to everyone with a low threshold. For the traditional movie, audience's sight is controlled by the director. It means that you have to follow the view of a director from one scene to another with no choice. But VR movie has overturned this traditional setting, you are being a character to explore and feel whatever you like. It's the most attractive point that people will have different feelings and experiences in a same movie.

How to Watch VR Movies

To watch VR movies, you can experience it easily with a Smartphone VR HMD. Just download VR movies including 360 degree video download or 3D SBS video download to your smartphone, and open it with a VR video player. Embark on a fantastic journey in virtual reality movies now. So how to achieve the VR movies download online, follow the simple tutorial below to figure it out.

Simple Guide on VR Movie Download from YouTube

It becomes pretty easy to download VR movies with a free virtual reality movies download software. Download and install this free VR movie downloader on your PC. It works perfectly on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Witht this free VR movies downloader, you can easily download 4K/360 degree VR movies download or 3D SBS VR movies from YouTube.. Learn more >

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1. Open this VR movie download software, you will see an intuitive interface immediately. Then click "Download Video" button on menu bar to pop up a download window.

Note: You can also drag or click "Add Files" to import your video and audio files for format conversion, such convert SD video to HD, compress 4K video. Meanwhile, you are allowed to adjust the setting parameters to change aspect ratio, increase video volume, etc.

Download VR Movies

Download VR Movies

2. Go to YouTube site and search as many as VR movies. Copy and paste the URL into "Add URL" box and click "Analyze" button. It will show you several options of video quality in a few minutes. Select your preferable resolution and size and hit "Download" button to start the process of VR movies download.

Note: Re-analyze again if you don't get more results. Besides downloading 360 degree videos or 3D SBS videos, you are allowed to download 4K videos and convert YouTube URL here.

Various Formats

Various Formats

Optional - After VR film download, this freeware empowers you to convert VR movie to a wide range of formats and devices by clicking on the output format part on the right, such as convert to the popular H.265 video, WebM, HTML5 video and so forth. Select the format you need and press "Run button" to start conversion. Don't forget to set your output folder.

This is the whole process for VR films download. Now you can put on your VR headset and enjoy VR movies for an immersive experience in your living room. Join the discussion below if you have any question or idea.

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Best VR Movies Download Solution

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