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Convert 720P to 1080P - Meet Your Demand for Higher Quality Video

With the flourish of higher video resolution, increasing people are not satisfied with low quality videos any more. They pursue clearer and smarter videos on large-screen display or just portable devices. Now, I’d like to share this article with you to change 720P to 1080P without any cost.


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The Reason for Preferring 1080P to 720P

The comparison of 720P and 1080P

The comparison of 720P and 1080P

Up to this day, since the technology of video resolution has reached a new step, more and more innovative high-definition devices are emerging to satisfy people’s demands in pursuing high definition. Watching movies in large-screen HD TV or enjoying favorite movies on HD portable devices on the go are really a good way to relax ourselves. To some extent, watching 1080P video is one of the ways to enjoy the life.

How to Convert 720P to 1080P?

Converting video from 720P to 1080P means you scale up the video image to fill a 1080P format. Video quality is based on video codec and video bitrate. More often than not, the higher bitrate means the larger file, also the better quality.

Anyway, based on the advanced technology, Free HD Video Converter Factory can provide you with the refreshing solution, supporting SD to HD conversion losslessly, let alone 720 to 1080. With it, you are empowered to upscale 720P to1080P for playback on your favorite devices, including both large-screen HD TV and high-resolution mobile devices.

Free Convert 720P to 1080P within 4 Steps

Now, please download this program and then follow my steps to improve the video quality to 1080P from 720P.

First of all, make sure your original video sources are not so poor.

Step 1. Add Your 720P Video File

It provides you with two ways of adding files. The first one is clicking “Add File” button and another is directly dragging the original file to the main interface.
By the way, batch conversion is supported!

Add the 720P Video File

Add the 720P video file

Step 2. Choose 1080P

If you want to invest energy in adjusting the parameters or you do not have particular requirements on output formats, you just need to directly drag the slider of resolution bar to 1080P. At the same time, you can see the changes of each video’s information in the file list. Just as the mark in the bottom right of the interface on the above picture.

Also, hit “Output Format” and then click “4k/HD” button and select which format meets your need, if you want to change the file format.

Tip: Moreover, as a versatile video conversion program, it supports a broad range of video/audio formats, such as AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, TS, VOB, AAC, MP3 and so on and is capable of convert VOB to MP4, convert MP4 to MP3, 1080P to 720P and the like.

Choose 1080P

Choose 1080P

Step 3. Customize the Parameters Especially the Resolution

Click “Setting” button to customize your desired value directly.

This freeware offers you a great convenience for avoiding complicated operations with optimized presets. However, taking the diversity of individual into consideration, it allows you to regulate the video parameters, such as change aspect ratio, boost volume, adjust bit rate or change frame rate .

Since you cannot have a better watching experience with advanced encoder or high bitrate but low resolution, regulating video resolution turns out to be important. As you desired, select the 1920*1080 option.

Customize the Parameters

Customize the parameters

Step4. Start to Convert

Hit “Run” button to start converting 720P to 1080P, and then find the converted video by pressing “Open Folder”. Also, you can set output folder before that. The whole process will be finished within the shortest time.

Another Convenient and Excellent Feature

You do not need to adjust the resolution expressly, if what you want is to convert video to target devices for playback, because this freeware supports various hot devices like Apple’s products, Samsung GALAXY series, Android Smart, UHD TV, Surface, BlackBerry, PS4 etc. Each device has the optimized values so that you can directly choose it as output format, and then just enjoy videos of this kind of devices anytime, anywhere.

Is there any reason to refuse it? Just go ahead and free download.

Extended Knowledge: the Definition of 720P and 1080P

720P is a resolution of video mode, shortened by 1280*720. 720 stands for the 720 horizontal scan lines of display resolution, while letter p means progressive scan. It is the minimum standard of HD video.

1920*1080 is usually seen as the sign of 1080P which is a set of high-definition video mode that are characterized by 1080 horizontal line of vertical resolution and progressive scan. Most of the time, it is known as Full HD.

Now, please download the Free HD Video Converter Factory to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on Free HD Video Converter Factory

  • 30X Speed up the conversion process
  • Download videos, even 4K/HD from YouTube easily and safely. Batch downloading is allowed.
  • Extract audios from video perfectly
  • Compress videos with best quality
  • Personalize videos with wonderful functions (such as clip, crop, add effects, add subtitle and merge)
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Convert 720P to 1080P - Meet Your Demand for Higher Quality Video