Extended Download Service helps you get a copy of your download if you need it again in case of loss, or a computer crash, virus infection, etc. This service is offered and charged by RegNow, our partner in payment platform, who retains the copy of your download for about two years.

Do I have to purchase this Extended Download Service?

The answer is no. Generally, if your purchase is processed successfully, the system will send you the download link and registration information for the product you purchased for free. Considering that we always keep the latest version of the product on our server, we suggest you purchase this extended download service if you need to download the very version when you purchased at any time.

What can I do if I don't want the Extended Download Service?

There are two ways to follow: click the button in front of the product name in the shopping list, or tick the Remove checkbox.

How to get a refund of the Extended Download Service only?

If you are charged by Extended Download Service, you can claim a refund by a sending 2Checkout an e-mail at accounts@2checkout.com. You can also contact us to get assistance.
Note: You had better specify your order ID, and that you just want Extended Download Service to be refunded, but keep the software in the email.

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