[2024] Best 15 Websites to Watch Movies/Series with Subtitles for Free

It's necessary to watch movies with subtitles, especially when we can’t hear clearly the words being said because of the character’s bad pronunciation and the loud background noise. An increasing number of people are now seeking movie streaming sites with subtitles. If you are also looking for places for watching movies online with subtitles, this post is for you. Here, we have gathered the best 15 streaming sites that allow everyone to watch movies and series with subtitles for free. Enjoy!

Michelle Michelle | Updated on Jan 23, 2024

15 Best Streaming Sites with Subtitles in 2024

1. Tubi

2. FMovies

3. MoviesJoy

4. MoviehdKH

5. FlixTor

6. WatchSoMuch

7. SolarMovie

8. VIKV.net (down)

9. TinyZone


11. Los Movies

12. Movieforfree (down)

13. EMovies

14. C1NE

15. Ask4Movie

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15 Best Streaming Sites to Watch Movies/Series with Subtitles in 2024

Disclaimer: The information provided below is for general informational purposes only. WonderFox is in no way collaborated or affiliated with the referenced applications, and will never advocate any copyright infringement action. The use or reliance of any information contained on third-party platforms is solely at your own risk.

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1. Tubi

Tubi - Watch Movies with Subtitles

Tubi is a legit site to stream movies with SDH English subtitles. Yet, just as its scarce movie resources, the movies that are subtitled are few. You can only watch the most popular movies with subtitles.

On the bright side, Tubi is the last site that would make you worry about site safety issues.

2. FMovies

FMovies - Watch Movies with English Subtitles

FMovies is an amazing site to stream movies with subtitles without registration or any payment required. All content, including foreign movies and old TV series, are multi-lingual subbed on this site. You can choose any language you want. They are all SDH subtitles. Yet, for some really old titles, there may be no English subtitles available but rather subtitles in other languages, such as Spanish and Russian.

FMovies is also a place where you are most likely to find any movie you desire, for it has presumably the biggest library of movies and series spanning a hundred years and across genres and countries. And the high level of curation makes exploration on this site a delight.

3. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy - Watch Movies Online with Subtitles

MoviesJoy is one of the best streaming sites with subtitles that you should check out. Reasons are as follows:

It has got almost all the movies and TV series prepared with well-synced English subtitles, even for the weirdest ones. For more popular titles, there are multiple languages to choose from. Moreover, most contents are available with SDH subtitles, which is helpful to people with hearing loss. Another benefit is that it has an extensive content library which you are more likely to find your wanted movie with subtitles right here at MoviesJoy. The last thing is that it requires no signup or subscription, and it has no ads. So you can rest assured to watch movies with subtitles without any worries.

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4. MoviehdKH

MoviehdKH - Watch Movies with Subtitles

When it comes to finding movies with good-quality English subtitles, MoviehdKH seldom lets people down.

It has a decent movie library covering all the latest blockbusters and the lost gems. And all of these titles are carefully synced with English closed captions. MoviehdKH also allows you to change the subtitle appearance according to your preference.

No signup, no subscription, and no ads. MoviehdKH is a worthy site that should be on your go-to list to watch movies with English subtitles.

5. FlixTor

FlixTor - Watch Movies with English Subtitles

FlixTor has a good reputation for streaming online movies with subtitles. You can see from the fact that all the movies and TV series on FlixTor have at least SDH English subtitles. And for many popular movies, it has multi-lingual subtitles. These subtitles are well-synced and of good quality. Yet one thing that merits your attention is that movies released older than six months and TV episodes released older than three months are available to VIP users only. Hence the resource is limited for regular users. You are much reassured, however, if all you want is to keep up with the newly released movies with subtitles.

FlixTor has absolutely no ads and is safe to use as well.

6. WatchSoMuch

WatchSoMuch - Watch Movies Online with Subtitles

WatchSoMuch is another fantastic ad-free place to watch free movies online with subtitles. Oh no, not just movies, but also TV series, programs, and documentaries.

Unlike many other free movie websites with subtitles, besides offering you subtitles in multiple languages (English included, of course), WatchSoMuch gives the users more flexibility to adjust the subtitles since it provides the options to upload subtitles, sync subtitles, and change subtitles style, which adds a lot more fun to the watching experience.

WatchSoMuch has its restrictions, though. It is inconvenient to watch one movie after another for sometimes there will be a three-minute time break in between. And you also can’t watch the 1080P video without becoming a VIP member. But to be honest, HD quality is well enough for the common users.

7. SolarMovie

SolarMovie - Watch Movies with English Subtitles

SolarMovie is another reliable website to watch movies with subtitles. And it has a vast library of movies and TV shows, from brand new titles to everlasting classics. That said, only the most known movies and TV shows are closed captioned with SDH English subtitles. If you want to watch some lesser-known or foreign films, you might not be so lucky to find them with subtitles at all.

SolarMovie also has ads on its site, but it won’t interfere with your video playing as you can always use an ad-blocker to block these ads. No registration or subscription is required for using this site.

8. VIKV.net (down)

VIKV.net - Watch Movies with Subtitles

VIKV.net is a good site to watch free movies with subtitles. It is also a pleasant site to discover movies for all moods. Once you decided on a movie to watch, you’ll be delighted to see that it is carefully closed-captioned in English. You can turn the caption on and off in the three-dot menu at the bottom-right corner of the video player.

English subtitle is not the only option. Multi-lingual subtitles are accessible to cater different language viewers. You can click on the preferred language to change the subtitles. Similar to other streaming sites with subtitles, multi-lingual subtitles are only available for most famous movies.

9. TinyZone

TinyZone - Watch Movies with English Subtitles

TinyZone is a MoviesJoy alternative. It has the same database as MoviesJoy, and basically all the movies and TV series have English and Spanish subtitles, many of which have even multiple languages to choose from. What differs from MoviesJoy is that TinyZone adapts a YouTube-themed interface. If you are a YouTube addict, you might easily get into the swing of this site.

TinyZone asks for no signup and no subscription as well. And it is one hundred percent safe to use, just make sure you have an ad-blocker functioning well.


AFDAH - Watch Movies with Subtitles

AFDAH is more than an excellent free movie streaming site. It is also an ideal place to watch movies online with subtitles. Most movies on AFDAH have English subtitles available, even the hot new movies fresh out of the oven. However, for the rare old titles, chances are that there won’t be subtitles at all.

AFDAH asks for no signup and no money. In return, it shows ads on its site, and you have to disable the ad-blocker before accessing the content.

11. Los Movies

Los Movies - Watch Movies with English Subtitles

Still haven’t find the best streaming sites with subtitles? Then give Los Movies a chance to convince you.

Los Movies is one of the few sites that has curated a special section for movies with subtitles. You can effortlessly find English subbed movies and TV series as well as other languages subbed content. What’s more, for mainstream pop movies, Los Movies has prepared them with multiple subtitles.

When you play a video on Los Movies, you might notice that under the video player have listed all the servers in detailed information, including the availability of subtitles, audio quality, and video quality. However, the information may not be so accurate and is only for reference.

12. Movieforfree (down)

Movieforfree - Watch Movies Online with Subtitles

Movieforfree makes another great site to watch movies with English subtitles. Most movies on Movieforfree have the default SDH English subtitles. However, if you are not satisfied with the subtitles, you are allowed to upload subtitles yourself, search subtitles online, and change subtitle fonts as you wish.

Movieforfree maintains the site by promoting the ads. So don’t forget to use an ad-blocker when you want to watch movies on this site.

13. EMovies

EMovies - Stream Movies with Subtitles

As one of the leading movie streaming sites, EMovies certainly lives up to its reputation.

In addition to bringing the best movies and TV shows to its users, EMovies also cares for the detail – adding English subtitles to most popular movies, including some foreign films. Some of the trending TV shows are available with English subtitles. You can watch them all for free and without any registration limit on EMovies.

14. C1NE

C1NE - Free Movies with Subtitles

You can also watch movies and TV series with English subtitles with no strings attached on C1NE, another free movie streaming site with subtitles.

But not all of them are subbed. C1NE mainly provides subtitles for movies and shows released in recent years. If you want to enjoy older titles with English subtitles, C1NE might disappoint you.

One more thing that needs to be noticed is that you have to select Player 1 if you want to watch movies on C1NE.

15. Ask4Movie

Ask4Movie - Watch Movies with Subtitles

Ask4Movie is a Netflix-like website but without the paywall stuff and the geo-restriction. It is open to anyone who wants to watch movies online with subtitles.

All the content on Ask4Movie is available with high-quality subtitles. For movies, it has multiple language subtitles available. For series, it also has English subtitles for each. We also see that Ask4Movie offers content of the best quality that no other sites on the list can compete with. If you are into recent years’ blockbusters, award-winning films, and the eternal classics, Ask4Movie may be your best answer.

You don’t have to register or pay anything to use this site. But considering using an ad-blocker because there will be distracting ads.


We will constantly delete obsolete information and add good new sites to the list, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back often for timely updates!

That’s all for the fifteen websites to watch movies with subtitles. Hope you’ll like it. Thanks for reading!

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