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Fix Sony Vegas Pro MOV Files Black Screen Issue
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[Troubleshooting] Fix Sony Vegas MOV Importing Issue on Windows

Author by Oswald

Updated on Jan 28, 2023

Suffering some issues when editing video with Sony Vegas? A fairly common one is the Sony Vegas MOV issue, that is, you can’t seem to use .mov files properly to the program. Don't worry, the following content will explain why, and show you how to fix it to use MOV files in Sony Vegas successfully.
As Sony Vegas MOV issue is commonly caused by unsupported video codec, you're recommended to download this handy MOV converter to be prepared for how to use .mov in Sony Vegas issue:

How to open MOV files in Sony Vegas?How to open MOV files in Sony Vegas?

Sony Vegas MOV issue presents in different forms when you importing QuickTime videos (MOV): A message saying “the file is an unsupported format”; Sony Vegas MOV files black screen; MOV sound doesn't play in Vegas; Sony Vegas MOV files no video, etc. What gives? Related complaints boil down to incompatibility issues, now I’ll talk about the root-cause and relevant solutions.

Does Sony Vegas Support MOV?

Sony Vegas Pro supported video formatsSony Vegas Pro supported video formats

According to the picture on the right side, which is the official supported format specifications of Sony Vegas Pro, it clearly says MOV is a supported import video format. However, if the hardware configurations are too low, or your MOV files are corrupted or encoded with Vegas unsupported video or audio codecs, you cannot use MOV in Sony Vegas.

How Come I can't Import MOV to Sony Vegas then?

First things first, ensure that your MOV video files aren’t encrypted or corrupted. (How? The easiest way is to import the MOV file into a media player you installed and see if it playbacks properly.) If file corruption is off the table, the root-cause is very likely to be the incompatible video codec. As you know, MOV is a container format similar to MP4 that can wrap a variety of video/audio codecs. If a video/audio codec packed within your MOV video file happens to be a rare one that Sony Vegas fails to recognize, that could be your cause.

Three Methods to Solve Sony Vegas MOV Issue

Method 1. Convert MOV to Vegas Supported Formats and Codecs

The most efficient solution is to transcode MOV files to make them compatible with Sony Vegas. Though a bit complex it is, video transcoding is the most effective way to solve incompatibility issue of all kinds. Similar issues like Sony Vegas MKV issue; Sony Vegas AVI issue, etc. To do so, the recommended tool is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, an all-purpose, highly-rated, practical and powerful video converter.

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Fix Sony Vegas MOV Incompatibility Issue
WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro
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How to Convert MOV to Sony Vegas Supported File Type?

How to import files into the MOV to Vegas converter

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Load MOV Files into the Converter

Install and launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Open "Converter" and load the MOV files that Sony Vegas doesn’t support by simply drag & drop to the center of the program or click “Add Files” button. Then define the destination path at “Output Folder” box below.

Solution on how to edit MOV files in Sony Vegas

Step 2. Convert Unsupported MOV to Sony Vegas Friendly Format

Click the output format section on the right side of the interface. Locate and select MP4 icon from the “Video” category. At last, click “Run” button to convert MOV to MP4, the container format with the best compatibility. Doing so, you also transcode the videos to H.264, which is perfectly supported by Sony Vegas.

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Method 2. Install QuickTime for Windows

Download QuickTime for WindowsDownload QuickTime for Windows

The simplest way of solving the problem that works in some cases is to install QuickTime for Windows. Along with QuickTime, that move will install the essential codecs as well on your Windows PC, and enables Sony Vegas to recognized your MOV files with more common video codecs.

Navigate to, hit “Download”. Then follow the instructions to install it to your PC.

After installation, try to import MOV to Sony Vegas and see if it works.

Method 3. Manually Install Codec Pack

Download K-lit Codec Pack for Windows Download K-lit Codec Pack for Windows

Installing a proper codec pack with substantial codec set will make your media player, video editing software, and many other programs recognize all types of videos correctly. In most scenarios, you shall be able to import MOV to Sony Vegas without a hitch after the installation.

The recommended installation here is K-lite Codec Pack, it’s probably the best codec pack you can find nowadays. And it’s free of charge.

Navigate to > Basic > Download Basic (Compatible with Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP, etc.)

At Last...

Have your problems got solved now? Hopefully you’ve worked out the MOV Vegas importing issue. Enjoy the video editing with Sony Vegas and MOV files!

Install this versatile application to fix any video and audio incompatibility problem with ease.

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