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Top 7 Sites to Download Music Video of Good Quality Free |2024

Author by Oswald

Updated on Mar 04, 2024

Many music videos are really eye-catching and intriguing. For anyone who wants to download music videos, please keep reading this article to find the 7 best sites to download music videos in high quality for free.

Tips. Most music video sites do not offer a direct download option. So this post recommends a free & handy music video downloader for you. Get it here and follow our guide to download desired music videos from such sites easily:

Music video, a short film that integrates a song with imagery, is mainly produced for promotional or artistic purposes. It makes the music, or rather, the idea that the music expresses, much more vivid. A song becomes more of a kind of thought, a story, and an expression… not just the sounds, because of it. That’s why music lovers dig it that much! Save music videos for further offline playback; enjoy them on the go; share some awesome clips with your friends; do some own-style remake… Whatever it is, if it’s about downloading some high-quality music videos for personal fair use, this page is exactly the right place. In the following, I’ll introduce you the best 7 sites to download music video free with a practical video downloader. Here we go.

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Please pay attention to your download actions. It is illegal to download copyrighted materials for sale, distribution and any other commercial purpose without the copyright holder's consent. WonderFox would NEVER approve of copyright infringement in any way. The following guide is demonstrated for personal fair-use only. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

The Best 7 Sites to Download Music Video

1. Vimeo

Music video on Vimeo  Music video on Vimeo

Vimeo is probably the best HD music video download site, given the high audio quality (320kbps MP3) Vimeo support for their videos (which is quite exceptional and worthy since many similars can’t do so, including YouTube). There is no doubt about the quality of their music videos. Additionally, Vimeo is steadily gaining its popularity among the world, let us look forward to its enriching music video collection, and an increasing number of musicians, artists, enthusiasts gathering with the common love.

For: Quality means the most!

2. YouTube

Music video on YouTubeMusic video on YouTube

As the biggest giant in video sharing/hosting, YouTube has it all. YouTube practically has the largest video collection in any category, including video songs.

Another reason that makes YouTube a good place to download music video is more and more artists would like to publish their works here (for fame, I figure). Which means you’re more likely to find the artist you fancy here, as well as the people with the same taste of yours.

For: No more "There’s no accounting for taste."

3. Billboard

Music video on BillboardMusic video on Billboard

What makes Billboard so special is that they measure the value of every musician for the customers. Although, it seems there’s no one can ever name what exactly is they are measuring, and based on what criteria. But it’s always broadly in line with popular aesthetics.

The Billboard Hot 100 is, and always will be the standard by which a song's popularity is measured in the United States.

For: Have no idea what's on-trend? Check out the Billboard hot 100!

4. MTV Music

Music video un MTV MusicMusic video un MTV Music

MTV has become the world's largest TV network! You’re going to love how sleek their layout is, how easy it is to navigate on, and rich contents provided aiming the youth. Speaking of “aiming the youth”, they have: shows of many kinds; news about TV, life, movies, celebrity, politics; the music of all genres - everyday topics of the youth. And the stuffs they provide for you are all the latest!

For: Daily news and pushes.

5. Dailymotion

Music video on DailymotionMusic video on Dailymotion

Many music video download sites are aiming at a certain group of people at large, but Dailymotion does it otherwise. Not only is Dailymotion the second largest video sharing site among the world and home of numerous music & video lovers, but also provides as various contents that go with the diversification of its users.

For: One of the best sites to download video songs of all languages.


Music video on Last.fmMusic video on

Firstly, you’ll find it such refreshing, when looking for a website to download music videos, finding a place providing a feature called “Spiking Artists”. It allows you to explore the artist and their similar artists that currently trending globally on

Secondly, on, there are statistics of: the songs currently making the most waves; worldwide listening trends; Today’s Most Loved.

For: Find the hottest song of every single day & Explore various sounds from different eras.

7. Yahoo Music

Music video on YahooMusic video on Yahoo

Last but not the least. Do enjoy the upcoming news in music fields! Besides the music videos, you can acquire a lot of information about the musicians you like: new album reveals, interviews, Q&A with fans, etc.

The only drawback could be that you can’t easily find the content you want on Yahoo, with the search function it provides.

For: News & information.

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How to Download Music Video with WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory

Copy the URL to download music video

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the Desired Music Video

Navigate to the page of the music video you intend to download. Copy the URL.

For those websites that plays music videos in a mini-player at lower right of the page, right-click on it > Copy video URL

Download music video using URL

Step 2. Paste the URL into the Music Video Downloader

Launch WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory, go to Downloader, then click “New Download” button.

Paste the copied URL into the “Add URL” box and hit “Analyze” > Select any resolution/format you preferred and hit “Download All

You’ll get the music video you want in no time, happy viewing!


These are the best sites to download music videos in 2024! Well, besides all those fascinating choices I mentioned above, there is something else.

I’d really like to bring Vevo ( up. Vevo is something that’s must not forget when it comes to where to download music videos, yet has sadly shut down its consumer website and mobile apps and discontinued its dedicated user account service on its commercial website and apps. But still, luckily, we can reach Vevo contents on these sites:



And with the music downloader mentioned earlier, you can save the Vevo music content easily.

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