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Where to Sell Old DVDs? Seven Places for You to Sell Used DVDs
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Where to Sell Old DVDs? Seven Places for You to Sell Used DVDs

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Aug 18, 2023

With the popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc., watching movies has become easier than ever. What should I do with the large number of DVDs I have collected before? It’s a pity to just toss them away, while continuing to keep them will take up a lot of space. Hence, to sell old DVDs will be a wise idea. Where can I sell DVDs for cash near me? Follow this article to find the answer. Here is a recommended DVD ripping program for you to backup them before selling:

What to Do with Old DVDs?

Old Movies on DVDOld Movies on DVD

Q: I have seen places online that buy old DVDs. Are any of these good? My husband and I have about 200 classic DVDs and want to sell some so we can make room for more. I know eBay works too but I am looking for DVD exclusive places.

Q: Can I go to blockbuster or somewhere to sell old DVDs for cash? I think DVDs are obsolete and I want to just get rid of some movies that I terribly regret buying. I just don't really like them and don't really mind the price. They're out of my DVD collection and I want to gain some cash out of it.

Today, in order to satisfy people's pursuit of high quality, Blu-ray movies and online digital streaming services have become the primary choice for most people to watch movies, dramas, etc. So, what to do with your old DVDs? After a small survey, in addition to some DVD enthusiasts said that they will continue to collect, most people prefer exchange or sell old DVDs for cash, and then buy new Blu-ray DVDs or subscribe some online streaming service. Then the problem comes, where to sell DVDs? You will find the answer below.

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Where to Sell Old DVDs?

1. Local resellers

For the question of “where can I sell DVDs for cash near me?”. Check out some yellow pages, classified-listings or phone book for local DVD resellers in your area, such as Craigslist, Yelp, etc.

Some bookstores, rental shops, Pawn Shops also support the recycling and trading of old DVDs. Also, you can exchange or trade directly with friends and relatives.

2. Decluttr

When you search “best place to sell used DVDs” on a browser, Decluttr will be recommended. It is an easy way to sell used DVDs, CDs, games, books, etc. Just enter the barcode on the DVD into Decluttr’s evaluation engine to get an instant price and send it for free.

Once Decluttr has checked your items, they will pay you by check, PayPal or direct deposit into your account. Besides, you can download Decluttr free app that turns your device's camera into a handy barcode scanner to make old DVDs for sale quickly.

3. SecondSpin

Want to sell old DVDs on the one go? Go to SecondSpin’s Sell to Us (Selling Policies) page to find out how much they will pay, then pack them up and ship them to us for cash or credit!

If you live near a SecondSpin store, you can also sell your DVDs, music, and games in person too. SecondSpin also appears to accept more titles than some of the other DVD buyback services.

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4. Bonavendi

What sets Bonavendi apart is that it compares the prices of more than 20 different vendors and buyback sites. Hence, offers you the best possibility of selling DVDs and Blu-rays to make money at the best prices.

So that way you can make sure you find the best deals and make the most money! Simply scan the barcodes for DVD and Blu-ray discs and place them in the sales cart. If you don't have a smartphone, use the batch comparison tool and enter all the DVDs one by one.

5. TextbookRush

When you're thinking about selling movies online, there are many options, so why choose TextbookRush? It allows easy search by ISBN, UPC or title keywords. It provides competitive prices. It is free shipping for sellers.

Anyway, TextbookRush is your place to sell used DVDs and Blu-rays, organize your living space and earn some extra cash instead of dragging everything into the used DVD store.


Amazon is also a place to sell old DVDs, and it has several different sales options. The most profitable option is to list your DVD as a third-party list. Unlike a DVD buyback service, you won't get paid until the DVD is purchased and you mail it to the buyer.

The second option is to trade-in your DVD or Blu-Ray to Amazon. This isn’t always the most cost-effective option as Amazon’s trade-in value can be significantly lower than if you sold the title yourself. The sales process is very simple, but the price may be lower than your estimate.


Ebay is a reliable place to sell used DVDs. To sell your old DVD on Ebay, you need to provide product images and product descriptions, which can be a reliable way to sell items individually or in bundles.

 Also, you can choose the starting bid and shipping fees. In addition to the auction list, you can also offer a "Buy it Now" price.

Now you should know how to sell old DVDs online or locally, depending on the condition of your DVDs, shop around to make the best choice to win the most.

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