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How to Put Music Videos on a DVD in a Simple Way
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How to Put Music Videos on a DVD in a Simple Way

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Aug 25, 2023

If your car stereo supports DVDs, you can burn your favorite music to DVDs to beat the boredom on the road. But how to put music videos on a DVD? Which DVD burner should we choose? Follow this article to know how to make music video DVD in the simplest manner.

Though in-car streaming music services are booming, some still choose to downloaded music videos on a DVD for enjoyment during the trip. If you are one of them and looking for an easy way to make your music video DVD for car, you've landed on the right page. Follow this tutorial to learn how to put music videos on a DVD.

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How to Put Music Videos on a DVD?

Burning a music video DVD is simple, but it is not directly copying the MV file to the DVD disc. If you do this, it is just a Data DVD, similar to Flash Drive. If you want a DVD to play in the Car Stereo DVD Player and all normal DVD players, you need to convert the music video to DVD-Video, and the process of burning is essential. Here are the things you need to prepare:

1. DVD Burner/Rewriter Drive

2. Recordable DVD Disk (DVD5 VS DVD9, DVD-R VS DVD+R)

3. DVDStyler, this article uses this free DVD Authoring tool to do the operation demonstration, download and install the address: Https://

How to Make Music Video DVD?

How to Burn Music Videos to DVDHow to Burn Music Videos to DVD

Step 1. Insert a blank DVD into DVD Burner/Rewriter Drive.

Step 2. Run DVDStyler, the music video DVD maker, which will pop up a New project window. You can name the Disc label, select DVD capacity, Video and Audio Format, Aspect Ratio, and then click OK.

Step 3. Fill in the title of the DVD menu and select a favorite template, click OK.

Step 4. Click on the File Browser tab on the left to find the music video files you want to burn and drag it to the Title Set Manager below. At the bottom of the software, you will see how much free space is left, taking care not to exceed capacity.

Step 5. (Optional) You can also design and beautify the DVD menu by clicking on the Backgrounds and Buttons tabs on the left.

Step 6. After all the above work is done, click the red disk button under the menu bar above, select your DVD Burner/Rewriter Drive in the pop-up window, and finally, click Start to start burn music video.

Tips: The time it takes to burn a DVD depending on your video size, computer configuration, the performance of DVD drive and other factors. Please be patient. After DVD burning, you can play your music video on any DVD player.

At last...

That's all about how to put music videos on a DVD. It can be very enjoyable for playing DVDs on the road. Finally, hope this article will help you.

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