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How to Convert MIDI to MP3 with Two Free Methods
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How to Convert MIDI to MP3 with Two Free Methods

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Apr 13, 2022

MIDI lets computers, synthesizers, sequencers, controllers and other musical devices to communicate and share information. However, it is not an actual audio file, so you may have the need to convert MIDI to MP3 for convenient playback. Follow this article to get two simple methods of how to convert MIDI to MP3. For the best conversion experience, you are recommended to download this free MIDI converter and keep reading:

Why We Need to Convert MIDI to MP3?

You must be familiar with MIDI if you are a music lover. The multiple advantages and technical application of MIDI have been widely used by music producers, songwriters and composers. The technology of MIDI has reached an irreplaceable position in modern music production, and has been widely applied in film and television production, game development, advertising music and computer multimedia applications and so on.

But an MIDI file is just a set of instructions on how to create music, which is not a real audio file and does not contain any audio data. Therefore, many players and devices cannot read and reproduce MIDI files. Fortunately, a lot of free tools can act as a synthesizer or renderer to follow those instructions to create an MP3 audio file. In the following part, two free and convenient MIDI converter to MP3 are introduced to help you convert MIDI to MP3 efficiently. Read on!

Method 1 – Convert MIDI to MP3 with Best MIDI Converter Free

For some special MIDI files suffixed with .mid, but have already been encoded by MPEG audio, they are actual audio files so you can convert them to MP3 with Free HD Video Converter Factory. Then, let's go to how to convert MIDI file to MP3 with this free software.

As for how to define which .mid files are encoded by MPEG audio, the simplest way is to drag them into the "Converter" interface of Free HD Video Converter Factory. Non-encoded MIDI files cannot be recognized by this software and cannot be imported.

How to Convert MIDI Files to MP3

Step 1: Load MID Files to the MIDI Converter

Free downloadFree download and launch the MIDI MP3 convertor on Windows, and then click "Add Files" to load .mid files to the converter interface.

Step 2: Convert MIDI to MP3 Format

Next, click the "Click to change output format" section and enter a new window. Select "MP3" under the Audio tab.

Step 3: Finish MIDI to MP3 Conversion

Set the path of output file via the inverted triangle button and finally click "Run" to start to convert MIDI to MP3.

This program only allows converting encoded MIDI files, the normal Musical Instrument Digital Interface files cannot be loaded and converted.

Actually, not only encoded MIDI files, all hot audio files and some rare audio files are supported by Free HD Video Converter Factory like VOC, AMR, MPC, Opus, etc. You can take a look at VOC to MP3 | AMR to MP3 | MPC to MP3 | Opus to MP3.

Method 2 – Convert MIDI to MP3 Online

In addition to using MIDI players, there are some MIDI to MP3 converters online capable of MID to MP3 conversion for convenient playback and streaming.

MIDI to MP3 converter online:




MID to MP3 ConverterMID to MP3 Converter

Here we take "ofoct" as an example of how to convert MID to MP3 online.

Step 1: Visit its official site at

Step 2: Upload your .midi file or .mid file into the box. Two ways for uploading MIDI files: (1) Click the "Upload" button and select your local MIDI files. (2) Drag & Drop MIDI files.

Step 3: After uploading your files, click the "Convert to MP3" button to convert MID to MP3. It takes only a few seconds to complete the MIDI to MP3 conversion.

Step 4: Click the "Download All" button to download the converted MP3 file. After that, you can play the MP3 file on your media players. That's the whole process of how to convert MIDI to MP3 online.

All in all, you have got 2 free methods to convert MIDI to MP3. But as is known to all, the MP3 format is a lossy format. That means that an MP3 file does not contain 100% of the original audio information. So, the above methods could result in quality loss, don't expect too much of the converted MP3 audio.

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