Review: Is YTMP3 Safe and Legal to Use?

Is YTMP3 safe to use? Is there any legal risk for converting YouTube videos on this website? This review centers on the most popular website and concludes all related aspects you may want to know.

Vita Vita | Updated on Jan 30, 2024

Part 1. What is YTMP3?

Part 2. Is YTMP3 Safe?

Part 3. Is YTMP3 Legal to Use?

Part 4. More Safe Websites Like

Disclaimer: The information provided below is for general informational purposes only. WonderFox is in no way collaborated or affiliated with YTMP3 websites, and will never advocate any copyright infringement action.

Part 1. What is YTMP3?

There are different YTMP3 websites, and is amongst the most popular online YouTube to MP3 converters at present. If you google YouTube to MP3 converters, you should see YTMP3 with the .cc domain suffix as the first search result in most cases. serves as a convenient tool to download MP3 files from YouTube on computers, tablets, and mobile phones without installation or sign-up. Meanwhile, users are able to download YouTube videos in MP4 with it. The operation is rather simple. You only need to copy and paste the URL of the target YouTube video into, select MP3 or MP4, convert the URL, and click the real download button to save the converted file to your device. can convert videos that are up to 90 minutes long. If you want to convert YouTube to MP3 longer than that, you may try this method: Convert YouTube to MP3 Longer than 2 Hours
Because of its simplicity, high efficacy and compatibility, becomes a hot option in the lineup. But at the same time, security concerns on this website arise. Is YTMP3 safe? Let’s move to the next part.

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Part 2. Is YTMP3 Safe?

YTMP3 has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. On this website, you do not have to suffer overcrowded UI or overwhelming advertising. YTMP3 itself is safe and has no virus, but a few popup ads and redirects are still unavoidable therein. If you install plug-ins or malware through malicious websites, there is a strong possibility that your browser or devices will get infected with virus or other stuff.
It seems a little intimidating. But actually, you can totally avoid security risk if you are careful enough.
During the usage, if you’re taken to irrelevant malicious websites and asked to install plug-ins or adware, you should immediately close these redirects. Furthermore, do not click into any pop-ups on

Block push notification on

When you open this website the first time, it will ask whether you want to receive push notifications. You’d better select Block in case of ad pop-ups later. If you have incidentally checked Allow, click the View site information lock sign on the left of the web address, click to extend the Notification drop-down list, and select Block. Reload the page after the change.
Then follow the general steps: Copy and past a YouTube video URL, select MP3 or MP4, and click Convert to convert YouTube to MP3 or MP4.

Click the real Download button

If done properly, you will see the download box. There are two misleading buttons below the real download button. They will take you to unauthorized websites. Please do not click them. You should click the Download button as marked in the figure above. 
Besides ignoring redirects and pop-ups, you can also install an adblocker on your browser, which will help you block most ad content on and also other websites.
Incidentally, the video or audio files downloaded from is completely safe to use if you’re worrying about it.

Part 3. Is YTMP3 Legal to Use?

The legitimacy of YTMP3 and similar YouTube video converters is highly controversial all the time. Is YTMP3 legal to use? The answer is complicated. Theoretically, YouTube doesn’t allow video content download from it unless there is a download option or from similar links provided by YouTube itself, consequently, it is illegal to convert YouTube videos with third-party tools. But in reality, users are able to download videos from YouTube for “fair use” under certain circumstances. Put it simply, you can save some YouTube videos for personal and nonprofit use. Meanwhile, some uploaders upload non-copyrighted music for downloading on YouTube.

Is YTMP3 Legal

YTMP3 also claims “We respect the intellectual property rights of others. You may not infringe the copyright, trademark or other proprietary informational rights of any party.”
At large, you should use YouTube to MP3 converters to convert videos you have the permission to and use them for personal fair use only.
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Part 4. More Safe Websites Like

Here are also other safe YouTube to MP3 converters like If you want to find a backup solution to implement the conversion, you can try the following websites:

YouTube to MP3 Converter for PC

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is completely safe and no ads, bringing you with a seamless user experience. If you need an interruption free solution to convert YouTube videos, it is a wonderful choice. Get the software!

Bottom Line is a safe website you can use with confidence so long as you don’t click pop-ups and ads on it or download malware from websites it redirects you to. But before downloading any content online, we should respect the copyrights of others and do not download copyrighted content for public commercial purposes without permission of the owners.

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