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How to Record Videos with WebEx and Play Them (ARF/WRF)
in Right Methods

Cisco WebEx is one of the best software for online meetings and video recording, which helps more than a million users monthly to collaborate better and work more effectively. However, many people don’t know how to use Webex Meetings and it always bothers us that the files generated by WebEx recording function, ARF and WRF, are only compatible with WebEx's own players. So, if there are any convenient converters that can help us convert WRF files into common formats that will be absolutely great! This article is going to tell you how to use WebEx and about the best format converter for it.

How to Join and How to Record WebEx Meeting

WebEx Online Meeting is a convenient online conferencing application that calls attendees in simply by sending invitation emails and meeting links. It is an online chat room where you can have direct face-to-face communication, share opinions, files and screen. What's more, the whole meeting process can be recorded within the chat room.

Step 1. First register a WebEx account. Then, sign in "WebEx Products" from the home page and you will enter the online meeting's interface.

Enter the interface of the WebEx online meeting

Step 2. On the top toolbar, select "Meetings" and then click on "Schedule".

Step 3. Now, you are going to fill in some basic information including the meeting's name, date and time length and choose whether or not to let the rec

Step 4. All participants are shown on the right side. Right-click on the avatars and select "Chat" to send private messages. More than typing, "Calling User Computer" starts a voice chat and the camera is for face-to-face communication. Moreover, "Share Screen" enables participants to see your desktop demonstration. Finally, click on the red button "Record" to start recording.

Go back to "Files" and choose "Meeting Recordings" to find the saved file. Click on the drop-down arrow beside and select "Download".

How to Use WebEx Recorder

What is WebEx Recorder? Along with WebEx Recording, WebEx is another crucial application of WebEx with which you can let everybody see your operation when demonstrating something.

Guidance: Launch WebEx Recorder first. Secondly, click on "Files" and in the drop-down list choose "Open Application" and open the one you need. Type your name and save the file. At last press the round red button to start recording and when needing to finish press the square button to stop.

How to Play ARF and WRF Video Files

WebEx ARF Player

What is ARF

ARF (Advanced Recording File) is the output format of downloaded WRF Online Meeting's recording.

ARF is a proprietary file type for WebEx. In order to open and play ARF files you must download and use WebEx ARF Player (Network Recording Player). Firstly, Launch the program first and then press "File" on the top right, select "Open" in the drop-down list to open the file folder, choose the ARF file you want and double-click on it to make it run.

Learn more about WebEX ARF Player >

WRF Play

What is WRF

WRF (WebEx Recording Format) is the proprietary output format of the video file recorded by WebEx Recorder.

The same as ARF, WRF can only be opened by WebEx Player. WebEx Player is the exclusive software for WRF Play. Download it from the official website and launch the application, with the similar steps to that in ARF Player, choose "File" on the interface's upper left side and select "Open" and then choose the WRF file you want to play by double-clicking on it.

Learn more about WRF Play >

How about Playing on Portable Devices

Think about playing WebEx on iPad, iPhone, SAMSUNG and any other portable devices to view it anywhere and anytime? The primary thing you need to do is convert ARF and WRF to common formats.

Convert ARF/WRF to WMV.

Networking Recording Player and WebEx Recording Editor offers a way to respectively convert ARF and WRF to WMV.

HD Video Converter

Free download the best WebEx format converter and convert ARF and WRF file to common video and audio formats in a convenient and efficient way.
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Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/...

WebEx ARF Player

However, when you want to transfer your video files from a computer to your portable devices such as tablets and smart phones, you will need to convert ARF to MP4 and more common formats than WMV, you must use a third-party video converter to finish this job.

How to Convert ARF to MP4 Video Format >

WRF Play

Similar to ARF, in order to convert WRF to MP4 or other common formats like M4V and AVI for a relatively smooth playback on portable gadgets, one third-party software is absolutely required. A great number of video converters of uneven quality are on market nowadays, so how can you get the best one from them?

How to Convert WRF to MP4 Video Format >

The Recommended Converter - Convert ARF & WRF to MP4

WebEx ARF Player

ARF converter is a powerful and multifunctional conversion tool which can finish large conversion within the shortest time. After having transferred ARF to WMV you can preset target formats from the commonest MP4, AVI to those relatively rarer ones like VP9 and F4V

Get The Recommended ARF Converter Now >

WRF Play

Moreover, you can use the latest WRF converter that helps to convert your WMV files which are transferred from WRF to more common formats like MP4, H264 and M4V to play them smoothly on Apple or other digital devices in the most convenient method with the fastest speed, highest compression ratio and 0% quality loss!

Get The Recommended WRF Converter Now >

After the detailed demonstration above, I think you've already gotten a comprehensive understanding of WebEx together with its main functions and the two exclusive file types - ARF and WRF which are generated by this program and know how to convert these two relatively rare formats to those common ones in order to have a smooth playback on your portable devices.

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