Happy Birthday Song MP3 Download Free [2022 Updated]

Besides Cakes, flowers, party hats, colorful balloons and streamers, birthday songs are also traditional components in birthday parties, which will help quickly render the party atmosphere to get us in the mood and express love to the Birthday girl or boy. Here are some good places for Happy Birthday song MP3 download. On these websites, you can choose to free download Happy birthday songs of different versions.

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Part 1. Free Websites for Happy Birthday Song MP3 Download

1. Download Happy Birthday Songs with Your Name

2. Happy Birthday Song MP3 Download in Every Language

3. More Other Happy Birthday Songs Free Download

Part 2. Popular Happy Birthday Songs Besides “Happy Birthday to You”

“Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear (name)
Happy birthday to you.”

This melody accompanies us every birthday and is a common tradition through the birthday celebration. When the cake candles light, the Happy Birthday to You melody is sung. It’s time to make a wish and blow out all the candles in the same breath.
These days, Happy Birthday to You becomes the most acknowledged birthday song in the world and has been translated into over 18 languages. Happy Birthday songs in different versions are available on the Internet. You can easily find a suitable version to add more warmth and ambience to the birthday. However, if you have no idea where to start with, the following are good Happy Birthday song MP3 download websites that offer not only Happy Birthday to You in different versions, but also cover other popular birthday songs.

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Part 1. Free Websites for Happy Birthday Song MP3 Download

1. Download Happy Birthday Songs with Name

A happy birthday song with a specific name can be much more meaningful. If you want to download happy birthday songs with your loved one’s name, the two websites are good destination to go.


1HappyBirthday is an amazing website for personalized Happy Birthday songs with names. Its library covers thousands of names classified in A-Z order. You can submit your name into the search bar to check out whether your name is available on this website. The birthday song on 1HappyBirthday is not the traditional “Happy Birthday to You”, but its own Happy Birthday song personalized with name and all songs on 1HappyBirthday are recorded individually and can be previewed, shared to other platforms and downloaded in MP3 for free. Furthermore, 1HappyBirthday has all kinds of funny lyrics and wishes for birthday, which helps express your feeling on this special day in a special way.  
1HappyBirthday has a YouTube channel with a vast number of beautiful and amazing happy birthday music videos:

Epic Happy Birthday Songs specializes in personalized happy birthday videos with name and age. These videos are funny and a little weird, being different from the general Happy Birthday videos but bringing exceptional comic effects. There are multiple versions of Happy Birthday videos, including the typical epic happy birthday song, Allen remix birthday song, sloth happy birthday rap, epic cat happy birthday song, and so on. Epic Happy Birthday Songs posts all its songs on YouTube. When you have chosen a desired version with name, you can either check out the embedded video on its web page or go to YouTube for watching. However, there is no quick search option. You can only filter the desired name out via the alphabetic order.
Epic Happy Birthday Songs doesn’t offer options to download happy birthday song. You need to ask a YouTube to MP3 converter for help.

2. Happy Birthday Song MP3 Download in Every Language

Although “Happy Birthday to You” is well-known for its English language version, it is also available in some other languages. Only very few platforms are devoted to happy birthday song mp3 free download based on different languages. We delve into the internet and select the following options.


Beatreamer offers free birthday songs, memes, text & images, and animated videos for users to download. There are also high-quality sound effects and background music. Despite that Beatreamer doesn’t come with an impressive collection, there you can listen to and download Happy Birthday songs in English, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Spanish, and more other languages and also with different music instrumentals like guitar, beatbox, and drums. You can click the Play Song button under each music to check out whether it is the one you need, then click the Download button. It will direct you to a new info page on which you should scroll down until you see the File size button. Click the button to start the download process. As the download page is also inserted with ad buttons, you should be carefully to select the right download option.

YouTube is a massive video library where you can practically find any type video content including Happy Birthday video songs in various languages. When you need a song in a specific language, you only need to submit Happy Birthday Song + the language into the YouTube search bar and take advantage of its search filters to narrow the search. YouTube will always display the highly matched results. Beyond that, YouTube channels focus on Happy Birthday songs in different languages also exist.
Birthday World is such a place you may have a try:
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3. More Other Happy Birthday Songs Free Download

Besides the classic “Happy Birthday to You”, there are many other good songs for celebrating this special day. You can find a wide selection of such Happy Birthday songs on SoundCloud and Free Music Archive.


SoundCloud is a promised land to discover creative and superior tracks. Based on its resource database, users can easily find out all sorts of music. It also includes a large number of Happy Birthday songs uploaded by artists, but you have to manually search for the desired one from massive birthday songs as SoundCloud doesn’t come with detailed classifications for this type of song. When a song is available for downloading on SoundCloud, there will be a Free Download button under it. Of course, a good third-party SoundCloud downloader will help you to download birthday songs efficiently.

The well-known online repository of royalty-free music, Free Music Archive, is the last website in the list for Happy Birthday song mp3 download. It provides a free and easy solution to download music. Most tracks on Free Music Archive are under the Creative Commons license, which means that you can use these tracks for personal free usages without any risky. Due to copyright protection, Free Music Archive doesn’t include the well-known “Happy Birthday to You”, but contains many good alternative songs to it. If you want to find new songs to celebrate your birthday, Free Music Archive is a good spot to go. Besides, Free Music Archive allows users to download a full Album at on go.

Part 2. Popular Happy Birthday Songs Besides “Happy Birthday to You”

You may want to download a new Happy Birthday song yet have no idea which title you should choose. Why not try the following 10 popular Happy Birthday?

1. Drake - Ratchet Happy Birthday

2. Katy Perry – Birthday

3. Matt Nathanson - Birthday Girl

4. Destiny's Child – Birthday

5. Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

6. Lesley Gore - It's My Party

7. Madonna - B-Day Song

8. The Beatles – Birthday

9. "Weird Al" Yankovic – Happy Birthday

10. The Crests - Sixteen Candles

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you will find this article is useful for you in some ways. Happy Birthday!

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