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Free FLV Converting Software Make 'Charlie bit me' Popular

Free FLV Converting Software

Free FLV Converting Software Make "Charlie bit me" Popular

A few months ago, a funny and warm video spreads widely in a sudden. 'Charlie bit me', this video has visited over 60 million times all over the world. "Charlie bit me" become famous, even the heroes in the video. After they have their moment, the Charlie families are visited in a TV show, and then the guys in the video are not just the stars on YouTube, but also the stars in our lives.

We Need the Free FLV converting software

Nowadays, YouTube is popular for its endless multimedia video resources and the free to host and share videos. For the multiple video resources, YouTube is not just a web, maybe it is a multimedia video data-base. Because, it's also popular that people like to take videos about their daily life or something interesting, and upload the video to YouTube to sharing them with the people all over the world. That's the trend. If you want catch the tidal current, do it! Beforehand, make sure that the format of your video is FLV, or you need free FLV converting software to help you.

Limitations of playing videos on YouTube

Why is FLV? Why we need free FLV converting software? Most web multimedia video player just supports this kind of format - FLV (Flash Video). The video in FLV format has a less big size but a higher quality comparatively. It is easy and fast to upload and download, and it is smoothly for you to enjoy the video.

If you have any videos which are funny and you also want to share them with the people all over the world, you can download free FLV converting software and convert your videos to FLV format, then you can upload your videos to YouTube now. But how to select good free FLV converting software among the mass of conversion tools.

Suggestion of some free FLV converting software

I have ever used a convenient and easy to use one - Free FLV Video Converter Factory. In use of it, you can convert all popular formats to FLV even in batches, and it offers fast video converting speed. Besides, if you find some videos and want to download them for long keeping, it can also convert FLV to AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV, ASF, MKV, etc, and convert your FLV format to MPG (MPEG) for you to make VCD or DVD.

You want to be popular as Charlie, having a free FLV converting software and convert your videos then you can surf on YouTube and share your videos. That's it!

How to Convert Video to FLV

Here are three basic process that make you know how to convert video to FLV with Free FLV Video Converter Factory.

Step1: Import video(s) - Launch Free FLV Video Converter Factory, Click 'Add' button to import video(s), click 'Remove' button to delete video(s).

Launch Free FLV Vidceo Converter Factory

Step2: Choose an output format: 2-1, Click 'Profile' combo box to choose an output format; 2-2, Common profile settings, In most cases, we provide multi-options for each setting; 2-3, More advanced profiles settings.

Choose an output format

Step3: Click 'start' button on the interface of Free FLV Video Converter Factory to begin converting process

start converting

You just need these three steps and then you can enjoy your converted videos. It is so simple!

Screenshot of Free FLV Video Converter Factory

Free FLV Converting Software

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