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WonderFox DVD Ripper
There will be so many different DVD movies, music (things like that) released every year. But commonly, we cannot buy all released DVDs for different reasons. Then, to rent some and rip DVDs to video is a good choice. And for DVD to video, AVI will be the first choice for most users. Then, some DVD to AVI ripper software is necessary. Here is the WonderFox DVD Ripper which is a good choice for ripping DVD to AVI.

With the help of some DVD to AVI ripper software, it will be very easy for us to convert DVDs to AVI. And the WonderFox DVD Ripper is just such software for ripping DVD to AVI. There just three main steps to control the ripping process - Load DVD > Set Profile > Get Start. The following is to show the process with details:
Step 1:
Download and run the software
WonderFox DVD Ripper
Step 2:
Load DVD content and set profile
2-1, Load video and select the video you want
Load File
2-2, Set profile to AVI under "Common Video"
Set Profile
2-3, Set destination folder
Set Destination
Step 3:
Start the process
3-1, Click "Start" to run the conversion process
3-2, After process done, click "Find Target" to get the output
Get Output
By finish the whole process, we've already ripped DVDs to AVI, and then, we can drop the DVD and watch videos on pc or on TV freely.

What is a Good DVD to AVI Ripper Software?

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Because of the copyright issue, most DVDs are protected by encryption. And because of it, we cannot copy the DVD video to pc directly. We need some DVD to video software. And for DVD to AVI, what's the condition for good DVD to AVI ripper software? How to choose a good one?
1, The one must support DVD to AVI
2, The one should decrypt all popular DVDs
3, The one should be easy to use
4, The one should with fast ripping speed and have nice image quality for output video
5, The one should be clean and safe
Base on my personal experience, WonderFox DVD Ripper is a good choice for DVD to AVI. The ripper software tallies with all requirements above.

Details about WonderFox DVD Ripper

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WonderFox DVD Ripper is the professional and powerful DVD ripper software for converting DVD to xxx (AVI, MP4, MOV...). It is easy to use but it contains excellent features (fast conversion speed, nice video quality with the least loss, video edit - trim, crop and effect...). The ripper software allows users to convert DVD videos to the popular video format. Besides, it also supports all popular portable devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android based devices, BlackBerry and Nokia... All in all, it is really one of the best solutions for ripping DVD to video.
Then, with the professional and powerful DVD to AVI ripper software, we can rip and convert all encrypted DVDs to AVI freely and easily.
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