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Download Private YouTube Videos in an Easy Way

Author by Flora

Updated on May 9, 2023

Many people want to download private YouTube videos easily. Though usually only the user who uploaded a private video can download it, there exist some scenarios where people would like to save their friends’ videos. This article will show you the correct method on downloading private videos.

Do You Want to Download Private Videos?

I found that many people encountered the following problems when I visited the forum:
Q: How can I download private protection YouTube videos?

A: First of all, you have to know that you can only download your own private videos. “Hey! There is a YouTube private video downloader helping you to download private videos”. In fact, all video downloaders that claim to download private videos are proven to be fake! Here is how to download private videos in a really effective way!

Before the start, you should know that it is not legal to download a video without the owner’s permission. The information provided below is for general informational purposes only. We in no way advocate any copyright infringement action.

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Can I Download Private YouTube Videos?

There are two problems I would have to say:

1. “I want to download private videos for myself”. You can download them without YouTube private video downloader. Just find your private videos in your personal account and download them.

2. “I want to download private videos of my friends”. If someone says that the private YouTube video downloader can download someone else's private video, this is a scam that might try to sell your information or show you ads.

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How to Download YouTube Private Videos within 3 Steps

Log in your account

Step 1: Enter YouTube Studio

Firstly, you need to visit the website: Then, you need to log into your account. Find the third line, click “YouTube Studio”.

Look through private videos list

Step 2: Look through the Private Videos List

After that, you get the page “Dashboard”. Next, you need to change it into “Videos” icon. A list of channel videos will appear.

How to download private YouTube videos

Step 3: Download Private Videos

You can select the videos you want to download, then select the More Options tab and you will see the “Download” icon. Then click on it and the video will start downloading.

Tips. With the same steps, you're also able to download unlisted youtube videos or other videos you uploaded previously.

The Differences between Public, Unlisted, Private, and Scheduled

1. Public: Just as its name implies, all people can watch your videos. People who are without an account can watch them no problem, as well.

2. Unlisted: This video can be shared by anyone. It can generate a URL automatically. As long as you have this URL, you can share it with your friends or others. In addition, the number of people sharing is limited.

3. Private: This video is secret. It cannot be watched except yourself. But, if you want to share some rare private videos with your friends, you need to invite them; the video can be viewed as long as the owner permits.

4. Scheduled: This video will be published according to the time you set.

At last...

Understanding the differences among private vs unlisted vs public vs scheduled of YouTube videos, and you can choose your private videos to be viewed. Simply find your YouTube channel and click on the video to see a private video listed on your page. How to watch private YouTube videos of other YouTubers? You can only watch private youtube videos of others with the permission and invitation of the owner.

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