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[Resolved] Some Good Places for 320kbps MP3 Downloads

Author by Vita

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

MP3 audio files encoded at 320kbps have higher quality than the one using the typical 192kbps or 128 kbps standard. Therefore, when selecting MP3 songs, many music buffs prefer the maximum bit rate of 320kbps for more details and sharper audio quality. What is the best place for 320kbps MP3 downloads? This post has summarized some selections for you. 

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Many free MP3 download websites provide 128kbps download options since 128kbps MP3 is favorably comparable with what people hear on the radio, which is enough in most cases. What more, having discarded more data information, 128kbps MP3 results in smaller file size. As for 320kbps MP3 downloads, the available options are far fewer. For one thing, 320kbps MP3 requires more internet bandwidth and hard drive storage; for another, 320kbps is a relatively premium audio quality for MP3 songs so 320kbps songs are usually paid. After an extended period of investigation, we have concluded some good resources of 320 kbps MP3 downloads. And the following content is divided into two parts, in which we will respectively introduce some websites for MP3 320kbps free downloads and good platforms to buy high-quality MP3 songs. 

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Please note that it’s not legal to download any copyrighted content without permission. WonderFox doesn’t advocate any illegal download action. This tutorial is for personal fair use only.

Useful Free 320kbps MP3 Songs Free Download Sites

1. MP3 Quack

MP3 Quack gathers music from the Internet and helps users to download MP3 files at up to 320kbps quality. On MP3 Quack, you can quickly find your favorite songs through its search tool, then listen to these songs with ease. By clicking the Download MP3 button, you’ll be directed to a new website called Lip Lock on which the download options are provided. We have tested it many times without any interruption or problem so you may use it securely. The platform supports MP3 download only and it generates multiple download options varying from 320kbps to 32kbps MP3s. Click on a download option and the download process starts in seconds. If you’re looking for a simple and direct method for 320kbps MP3 download, MP3 Quack is a good bet.

Download high quality MP3 songs

2. MP3tomato (Down)

MP3tomato is another MP3 search engine and download service. It claims to retrieve music content from over 1000 websites, which brings about a massive MP3 archive of MP3tomato. There is a quick search tool on MP3tomato, by means of which, you can search for and find out desired songs of the singers you like via typing in the target titles or singer names. Meanwhile, you can either play a song or select a download option and save the song to your hard drive. 320kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps, and 64kbps are all available. On balance MP3tomato is useful for looking for and saving songs offline.

High quality MP3 songs free download

3. Free MP3 

Free MP3 has an exceptional interface with the presence of the color blue. When you first open this website, you will know how to use it even if there is no introduction. Just submit your queries, Free MP3 can give a quick response and lists the matching results below the search box. Click the one you need to jump to a new page on which you’re able to preview the song, download it in 320kbps MP3 and FLAC. In spite of the embedded ads on Free MP3, you won’t be disturbed by them during the download process.

English songs download 320kbps

Although there are a few search engines that enable you to get MP3 320kbps free download from the Internet, you should make sure whether the downloads are actual 320kbps MP3 files with complete data contained because some of them may take advantage of audio converters to convert compressed MP3 audio files at lower kbps values to 320 kbps straightly. However, since the original sources have been compressed with more data discarded. The conversion won’t bring you better quality expect for large file size. Hence, to obtain real 320kbps MP3 downloads, it’s recommended to buy songs from these big-name platforms. And there are three good options.

Well-Acclaimed Platforms to Buy and Get 320kbps MP3 Downloads


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in this field. It owns a massive music catalog with over 50 million songs. You can not only use Spotify on portable devices like mobile phones and tablets, but also play it on your computers, TVs, and car stereo systems. Moreover, Spotify supports 320kbps audio quality. You can buy the $9.99/month Spotify Premium to download music and podcasts for offline listening.

How to download 320kbps songs

2. Google Play Music

Operated by Google, Google Play Music is a music & podcast streaming and online music storage service. On this platform, you’re able to discover tens of millions of songs, a large number of playlists, and freely store up to 50, 000 songs. As a cross-platform service, Google Play Music is accessible on Android, iOS, and web browsers, so you can listen to music on the go. Another striking point of Google Play Music is its capability of streaming 320kbps high quality music content. Also, you can purchase and download 320 kbps songs there.

High quality MP3 songs 320kbps download

3. Deezer

With a huge music content base of over 56 million tracks and 30,000+ radio channels, Deezer can surely satisfy the hunger of music buffs. Of course, the quantity of music content is not the only highlight that makes Deezer the top-notching music streaming service to compete with Spotify, Google Music Play, and other big names in the industry. Deezer owns a wide range of good features to help you enhance your listening experience, and it can be used on most platforms, Web, Android, iOS, Windows, etc. To stream and offline play high quality tracks on Deezer, the Premium plan is required. Based on your demands, there are several different plans for selection.

High quality music on Deezer

Sum Up

It’s not hard to get 320kbps video downloads once you find the right places. We don’t suggest that you convert YouTube to 320kbps MP3 or convert 128kbps to 320kbps since such conversion is senseless. But you can try the places above to find actually high-quality MP3 tracks. Hopefully, you will have a wonderful music-listening experience.

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