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Videos play an important role in many people's everyday life. For me, videos (movies and TV series) and the internet are the two things I can't live without, and nothing beats sitting on the bedside and enjoy my favorite TV series. I do, quite frequently, have the need to download some online videos to watch. When using our online video download programs, for instance, HD Video Converter Factory Pro, sometimes you may get a "Failed! Please check the URL and your network connection, and then try again." error message. But your internet connection is as good as usual, right? This issue is caused due to the algorithm change made by the online video service provider. So currently the videos or some of the videos from this site cannot be downloaded.

If you find yourself in a situation like this and still fail to download online videos after you have flushed DNS, reanalyzed the URL a few more times, please send us some URLs of the videos you failed to download. Once we verity that the algorithm was changed, we will provide updated versions of our software as soon as we can like we always do. You can check the update log to see if there is an update available that fixed the download issue.

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An update was released on Nov 3rd to fix the download issue, you can download and install the latest version here:

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