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How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Android Issue?

Author by Blues

Updated on July 27, 2022

When you play YouTube videos on your Android phones, you might find YouTube not working on Android for some unknown reasons. And you may have been plagued by this situation for a long time yet couldn't find an effective solution. This article has summed up several possible reasons and methods to deal with the problem. If these methods won't resolve this issue, you can also download videos from YouTube by means of a video downloader:

Q: When I play YouTube videos on my Android phones, there are some that would not play, and there are some messages like "Connection to server lost. Tap to retry" or " There was a problem while playing" were on the interface of the YouTube application. Why won't YouTube play on my phone? Are there any reasons and solutions?

A: Sometimes when you play videos on Android phones on the YouTube app, you will see some error notifications on the YouTube app interface and YouTube videos can't be played anyhow. Now, you need to know what causes this error and how to solve it. Keep reading on this article to get solutions to deal with YouTube videos not playing on Android.

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How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on Android?

1. Check Your Network Connection

Most of the time, when we fail to play videos online, we should firstly check the internet connection. Exactly, we can switch off Wi-Fi connection, turn to data connection and see if the video is loading up again. Supposed that the video cannot be uploaded, try to reset the Wi-Fi connection: Settings » Wi-Fi and long press the Wi-Fi network we are connected to before. Next, tap on Forget Network option on a new tab. Then, tap the Wi-Fi network and enter the password again. Lastly, open the YouTube app to upload video again. If the issue persists, read on the following solutions.

2. Restart Your Device

Restart your Android device is a straight way to fix YouTube app not playing videos Android. Power off and restart your device, then open YouTube app to upload videos you want to play again.

3. Update YouTube App

YouTube not working on Android may be caused by the outdated application version. You can try updating your YouTube app to the latest one in the App store. Open Google Play Store, swipe from left to right to find My apps & games, click the Update button next to the YouTube app to upgrade it.

4.Upgrade Device's System

Some situation where app can't work on an Android device may be caused by the outdated version of the device's system. Therefore, you may as well try to update your device's system. After that, play videos you desire again to see if it works out.

5.Check the Date and Time Settings

This solution needs you to do something outside the YouTube app. When you use YouTube App to play videos on Android devices, this app requires you to log into your Google account. If the date and time settings are wrong on Google, YouTube won't play on Android. To ensure you can play YouTube videos on Android: Go to Settings » Advanced Settings » Time & Language » Date & Time, tap on Automatic date & time to open it. Then, scroll down to make sure Automatic time zone is enabled. If this process needs long time, you can try to restart your device to force it to update.

6.Clear YouTube App Caches

If YouTube not working on Android still exists, clearing caches/cookies/history data on YouTube app in Settings option is a common method. This method can solve similar playback issues. For instance, iPhone won't play videos.

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Optional Solution - Download YouTube Videos to Fix YouTube Not Working on Android

If above methods can't fix YouTube videos not playing on Android, you can try this optional solution. This way gives you a different path to play YouTube videos on your Android phones without the YouTube app. Furthermore, you are able to play videos on Android devices without network connection. You only need to install WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory to download YouTube videos, which supports saving videos from YouTube, Facebook, etc. With this software, you can get rid of YouTube won't play on Android issue. Let us take a look at how to download YouTube videos:

Four Steps about How to Convert YouTube Videos to Play on Android Offline

Copy the URL of YouTube Video

Before downloading YouTube videos, you need to free downloadfree download the software on PC.

Step 1. Copy the URL of YouTube Video

Double click the shortcut of Free HD Video Converter Factory on the desktop. Open YouTube and find the video you want to play. Then, copy the video URL.

Paste and Analyze the URL

Step 2. Paste and Analyze the URL

Go to "Downloader". Select + New Download button to open a new download window. Paste the URL of the YouTube video into the URL bar. Then, hit the Analyze button to analyze the URL.

Start to Download YouTube Video

Step 3. Start to Download YouTube Video

After the analysis is done, choose a resolution and format for the video, click OK, then hit Download All button to start to download the YouTube video.

You can further convert the videos for your Andriod devices by following step 4.

Convert YouTube Video to Android Device

Step 4. Convert YouTube Video to Android Device

Go to Converter. Click Add Files and load the YouTube video you have downloaded. Hit Output Format button, head to Device, and choose your Android device brand and model. Then, click on triangle icon to decide the save path for target videos. Lastly, press the Run button to convert the YouTube video to Android. Once the conversion finishes, you can connect your Android device with the computer via a USB cable and transfer the YouTube video to Android to watch YouTube videos offline.

TIPS: Not only can you play videos on Android tablets or phones, but on iPhone and other devices through conversion.


OK, most YouTube not working on Android problems can be solved using these methods. These methods only need several simple clicks and won't take up much time.

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