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The Best Way to Download YIFY Subtitles for YIFY Movies

Author by Vita

Updated on Feb 6, 2024

This article aims to teach you how to download YTS/YIFY subtitles and play YIFY movies with these subtitles. If you have downloaded some YIFY movies yet there come with no desired subtitles, you will find the perfect solution here. This tool for adding subtitle to video involves in the following guide. Download it for preparation and read on:

You have downloaded some foreign movies from the YIFY/YTS website and plan to watch them for passing the leisurely time. However, you find, frustratingly, that some of the movies don’t go with subtitles thus you may not be able to understand what you’re seeing, which spoils the fun to some extent.

Besides this part, there are many other reasons people want to download YIFY Subtitles for YIFY movies, for instance, leaning a foreign language. So where to download YIFY subs and how to use them in YIFY movies. The following sections will provide you with a comprehensive process.

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Part 1: How to Download YIFY Subtitles

To find a subtitle for the target YIFY movie, the best option is to take advantage of YIFY subtitle download websites. A series of sites focusing on YIFY/YTS subtitles can be found out on the Internet and they have similar domains, relating to YIFY subs or YTS subs while having alike interfaces. Here is the list of the most popular YTS/YIFY subs websites. You can download subtitles in different languages of various movies therein. (Down) (Down)

Here we demonstrate how to download YIFY subtitles on
Note: is forbidden, but the steps also apply to other websites.

After opening, enter the target movie title into the search text box, and the results will be displayed under it. Click the movie you want to download subtitle for, which will take you to a new page. Scroll down to the All subtitles section, choose the subtitle in desired language or title, and click download, then DOWNLOAD SUBTITLE. Soon you will get a zip file. Extract the subtitle from it.

YIFY-subtitles has curated a huge library of movies in different genres and languages. Here you are also able to find the latest or classic movies that you may not come across in other places. High-quality updates occur frequently. Besides finding a target subtitle and movie, you can also browse and find more surprising and fascinating movies on

Part2: How to Play YIFY Movies with YIFY Subtitles

Since you have downloaded and extracted the subtitle from the YIFY subs website, you can play YIFY movie with the subtitle in several different ways. Here we will explain two most efficient and popular options.

Method 1: Add Subtitle to Video with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

If you want to play a movie with the downloaded subtitle only, we suggest that you hardcode the subtitle, which enables you to play movie with subtitle more handily and effectively. And you will not encounter subtitle playback errors that always happen to external subtitles. As an extra bonus, if you want to watch the movie with subtitle on other devices, you don’t have to transfer both the movie file and subtitle file. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a good tool to add subtitle to video. It works for all video formats and features fast and easy operation. The output video quality is also 100% preserved. Here is how to add YIFY/YTS subtitles in this software.

Free Download Free Download

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software on your PC.

Step 1. Add the Movie File

Open HD Video Converter Factory Pro, click Converter on the main interface, in the new Video Converter interface, click Add Files, and import the video file. The software also allows drag-and-drop for file import.

Import the movie file

Step 2. Import the Subtitle File

Click the T button on the ribbon below the imported video, hit Add subtitle, and import the subtitle file.

Add the subtitle file

Step 3. Choose an Output Video Format

Hit the big format icon on the right side and choose a video format. You can choose MP4, MKV, MPG, MOV, WMV, and more other video formats or directly choose the device you want to play the movie on. Profiles for all popular digital devices are provided.

Step 4. Initialize the Process

Click the inverted triangle icon on the bottom, and choose a destination for the video. After this, click Run to export it.

Choose a format and finalize the process

Method 2. Rename Subtitle and Put Subtitle and Movie in the Same Folder

If you want to play it as an external subtitle, in other words, you can turn on or turn off the subtitle freely, this method suits you better.

Step 1. Rename the subtitle file to the same name as the movie except for its extension.

E.g. The movie file is named Doctor.Foster.S02E04.720p.HDTV.x264-ORGANiC.mp4

The subtitle file should be

If you have downloaded a YIFY SRT subtitle file and an MP4 movie file, based on different file formats, the extensions are varied.

Step 2. Create a new folder and put both the movie and subtitle files in it.

Step 3. Play the movie in a media player and you are able to view the subtitle at the same time.

How to use YIFY/YTS subtitles

Moreover, most media players support adding soft subtitles and offer the likes of Subtitle button. VLC media player is a typical example. You can also take advantage of it to play YIFY/YTS subs.


We hope this instruction on how to download YIFY subtitles and how to use YIFY subtitles can take you on a smooth and pleasuring movie viewing experience.

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