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How to Play Files with the .xsp Extension
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What is An XSPF File And How to Play It

Author by Vita

August 14, 2018

Recently I received an email from a user who wanted to convert XSPF to MP3 format but did not know how to do. Coincidentally, when searching on the Web, I find many questions like “What is an XSPF file”, “Is there any good XSPF players”, “Can I convert XSPF to a media format” , etc. Therefore, in this article, I will answer all the questions.

Can I Convert XSPF to MP3 or MP4? Impossible!

XSPF, short for XML Shareable Playlist Format, uses XML tags to list the path of local audio files or URLs of online streaming media in a playlist, which is similar to M3U, M3U8 and WPL we introduced before. XSPF itself doesn’t contain any video or audio data. So there is no any third-party tool that can convert XSPF playlist into media formats. Do not be fooled by some exaggerated and unrealistic ads, which claims to convert XSPF to MP4, MP3 or other media formats.

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Open the file with .xspf extensionOpen the file with .xspf extension

However, since XSPF file is XML-based file, which is classified as text file, you can open it with text editor and find the location of the actual files. Just right click on the XSPF file and open it with Notepad or other text editing tool you have. Then you can see where the media files are physically located in the text. Then use a file converter to convert your local media files listed in the XSPF file to MP3, MP4, etc. Moreover, you can convert the video from a site using URL.

How to Open and Play XSPF Playlist File with XSPF Player

A number of media players can play XSPF files as XSPF players, such as VLC Media Player, Roxio Creator NXT Pro, Amarok, Audacious, AIMP, etc. You can check this link to know more about it:


Here is another method to play XSPF files as well. You convert XSPF to a more compatible playlist format like M3U. VLC media player can help you to do it.

Step 1. Run VLC media player and import XSPF playlist.

Step 2. Click on the Media button on the menu bar and choose Save Playlist to File.

Step 3. Specify the output path and choose .mu3 from the “Save as type” drop-list.

Step 3. Press the Save button to finish the XSPF to M3U conversion.

Now you can play the M3U files on more media players.

In general, XSPF is a XML format that is used for sharing playlist. And XSPF file points to the local audio files and online streaming contents in a playlist, which is convenient and portable to play music playlist from any web page on computer and mobile devices. You can’t directly convert XSPF to MP4, MP3 and other formats as XSPF playlist don’t contain the actual data files, but you are able to play XSPF files with VLC and other XSPF players. Hope you get the gist of how to open XSPF files!

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