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What is MSDVD File and How to Open It

Author by Vita

Updated on May 28, 2021

A file with the .msdvd file extension is a Windows DVD maker project file and it is used to describe the menu buttons, title, media files a DVD includes. Since MSDVD file is not the actual media data, there is no third-party players that can convert MSDVD to MP4 or open the files directly. So this article aims at introducing the method on how to open such files.

Failed to Open MSDVD File? Here is the Reason!

Q: My friend is not very computer proficient, he sent me a file that ended in .msdvd extension but it's not working on my Windows 10 computer, I can't open it, edit it or convert it. After several tries, I'm not sure what else I can do. Any suggest for the MSDVD Windows 10 issue?

What is the MSDVD file? Some people may think that it is a playable media format, but actually the file with .msdvd extension is a proprietary project file created by Microsoft Windows DVD Maker which doesn't contain any video media data. Therefore, no third-party programs support MSDVD project file, let alone these MSDVD converters or online sites that boast they can convert MSDVD to MP4 online. Here I will show you how to find and convert the source video file in a MSDVD file or open the project file directly.

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How to Convert Source Video Format in an MSDVD File

Find the path of the video fileFind the path of the video file

A .msdvd file is in XML file format. When you open it with any text editor, you can find it describes the detailed settings for a DVD recording including media files path, DVD's menu buttons, slideshow transition, the title screen, the chapters and more data. By the Content File Filename which should be like <ContentFile Filename="C:\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos\Wildlife.wmv"/>, you can know the path of the original video file. Therefore, you can use a video converter like WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert the video to needed format such as MP4, MKV, MOV, etc.

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Note: If you get a MSDVD file from others, you can’t find the original video anymore since the file path and related settings have been changed or are nonexistent.

How to Open MSDVD File and Burn to DVD?

Windows DVD Maker file formatWindows DVD Maker file format

MSDVD can only be directly opened by Windows DVD Maker. And the entry-level DVD burning software is only available on some versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Follow the steps to open MSDVD files.

Step 1. Launch Windows DVD Maker. If this is the first time you use Windows DVD maker, click on Choose Photos and Videos button.

Step 2. Move to the menu bar and hit File > Open project file to import your MSDVD file.

Step 3. You can edit the file and change DVD options.

Step 4. Now click on Next to customize DVD menu style.

Step 5. Finally click on Burn button to burn DVD.

For backup and sharing purpose, you can convert the homemade DVD disc to digital video, ISO and even Video_TS folder.

1. If your PC has been updated to Windows 8, Windows 10, there is no approach for MSDVD Windows 10/8 playback on Windows DVD Maker as the program is not supported starting from Windows 8. Check the best alternative to Windows DVD Maker>>

2. If the computer you use to burn DVD is not the one creating the MSDVD file, it will not be able to read and burn DVD correctly.

Usually people doesn’t open such project file, yet if you do have to do that, the two approaches will do the trick. Specially, to fix the MSDVD windows 10 playback issue, method 1 should be the best option.

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