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WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, Convert Video to HD Quality.
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WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, Convert Video to HD Quality

Author by Oswald

Updated on Mar 7, 2023

How to increase video resolution? Is it possible to convert standard definition video to HD quality? You have access to the best video converter to HD quality here. It can be of great assistance in implementing a perfect video quality enhancement by adjusting your videos to the best parameter setting! Get this SD to HD video converter here and convert SD video to HD quality now!

Brief Introduction: HD Video converter SD to HD Quality

How to Activate Video Resolution EnhancerHow to Activate Video Resolution Enhancer

As an optional function of WonderFox Video Converter Factory Pro driven by WonderFox's exclusive VQE-2 (2nd generation of video quality enhancement technology), SD to HD is designed mainly to meet the high requirements on video graphic quality of our users. You can activate it at: Main interface > Option > Convert SD Video to HD Video.

If it's on, no extra operation needs to be taken during video conversion/enhancement, HD Video Factory Pro will automatically optimize your video graphic by amending the bad pixels, re-overlaying graphics, and adopting the best parameter settings. Use Picture Enhancement cooperatively, you'll certainly get a beautiful, clear, smooth result.

Do Not Improve Video Resolution Overly!

It doesn't make much sense if you increase video resolution overly. Converting 480p to 4K, for instance. You won't get an actual 4K result, it might only be qualified as one in its size – The pixel points contained within 480p videos per unit area cannot cover the 4k video corresponding part completely and evenly, that will result in blur graphic by sight.

Thus WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro improves video resolution & quality to a certain degree. One-level upscaling would be appropriate. Speaking of appropriate upscaling, let's take a few examples: 240p to 360p, 720p to 1080p, 2K to 4K. In that way, the video quality improves as well.

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HD Video Converter to HD Quality Enhancement Demonstrations:

480p to 720p

HD Video Converter to HD quality (720p)HD Video Converter to HD quality (720p)

As you can see, WonderFox video enhancement is quite remarkable in improving SD to HD, no more turbidity anymore, the outline, details of the object are much clearer. That's terrific news to your SD video collections, which you have usually in possession of a lot – They used to be too crude for you to share, but not anymore.

720p to 1080p

Enhance 720p to 1080pEnhance 720p to 1080p

720p videos don't quite match our requirements on definition nowadays. With the viewing equipment of most people, you can actually see pixels. That's definitely not eye-pleasing, enhance you 720p videos to 1080p would be great, the pictures will contain richer visible details.

1080p to 2K

Enhance 1080p to 2KEnhance 1080p to 2K

As we all know, 1080p is a good enough standard for most of us. But for those who are really critical about picture quality, we can still advance your high-quality videos even further. Device permitting, you'll feel a significant improvement and way better viewing enjoyment.

2K to 4K

Enhance 2K to 4KEnhance 2K to 4K

Seems no distinct improvement, I understand – Since 2K is a high enough definition to the most. You can't tell the difference if you are playing them with devices that don't quite meet the standard. If you try these two on a UHD TV, it'll be super visual.

Besides a video converter to HD quality, there are more …

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Rip DVD Videos and Improve the Quality

Rip DVD Videos and Improve the Quality

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

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