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Motivational Video Download - Best Motivational and Inspirational Videos and Sites You Can't Miss

Author by Michelle

Updated on Jul 6, 2023

Sometimes we need to re-energize ourselves with something inspiring, like a motivational video or a speech. If you're looking for this type of video, you'll find 3 great sites hosting it. Also, a free inspirational video download tool is provided below. Get if needed:

Disclaimer: The method to download motivational videos is only for personal fair use. WonderFox does not advocate any copyright infringement behavior. Please make sure your action is legal in your country.

We always get something from a motivational video or speech, whether it’s the strength to overcome obstacles at work, the determination to achieve a long-term goal, or the energy to move on with life. Whenever we feel empty inside, we can turn to these videos for guidance and inspiration. Given this, this article will show you where to find the best inspirational content and how to download inspirational videos. Continue reading!

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Part 1. Top 3 Sites That Host the Best Motivational Videos

Motivational Video Download - YouTube


YouTube is without a doubt the best site to watch videos of any kind. Just type in the keywords in the search bar and tons of corresponding videos will pop up. The best part is, you can use filters to screen out unwanted video types and improve your search results. Another great thing about YouTube is its huge audience. You can easily connect with other people's experiences in the comments section. For those looking for motivation, knowing that they are not alone is a bonus.

Motivational Video Free Download - FearlessMotivation


In Fearless Motion you can find different types of motivational videos such as sports, bodybuilding, success and inspiration. The detailed menu list on the right provides you with easy shortcuts to the target videos. There is also a transcript below each video, so you can easily quote your favorite phrase or sentence as your motto. As its logo suggests, the site's goal is to give you “Strong Mind” and build you “Strong Life”.

Inspirational Videos Download - Simple Truths

3.Simple Truths

You will come across tons of inspirational and motivational videos on Simple Truths. These must-see videos are divided into eight categories such as happiness, leadership, personal growth, positive attitude and more. You can choose the genre you like and explore further. But what really makes this site a great option are the short summaries given by uploaders and the key quote phrases attached to each video or speech.

Part 2. How to Have Inspirational Videos Downloaded from These Sites

The above sites are video hosting sites only and do not offer a download button. But with third-party downloaders, you can easily rip these videos from websites for personal use. Many programs that claim to do the job have unsatisfactory results. Fortunately, I found a free and safe tool - WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory, which can help you download videos from websites using URLs. As long as you have a valid link, you can use it to save YouTube videos or download music or other media content. Here is the detailed tutorial to download inspirational videos with this freeware:

Copy the URL of the Wanted Motivational Video

Step 1. Copy the URL of the Wanted Motivational Video

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Go to the page where the desired video is playing. On top of the page, select the full-length link in the search box and then right-click to “Copy” or use the hotkey “Ctrl + A” then “Crtl + C”.

Step 2. Paste and Analyze the Link in Video Downloader

Step 2. Paste and Analyze the Link in Video Downloader

Run the software and open “Downloader” > “+ New Download”. In the new window, paste the URL into the analyzer and wait for it to be analyzed. When the detailed information of the video appears, continue to choose the format and resolution for your downloading video. Next, click “OK” to add it to the download list.

Tips: You can also download YouTube playlists through URL. Also, repeat this step to add multiple tasks to the download list for later batch downloading.

Paste and Analyze the Link in Video Downloader

Step 3. Download the Motivational Video

When all is ready, click “Download All” to start downloading.

At last...

The method for motivational video downloading is completely safe and clean. Thanks for your reading and go make some change now!

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