6 Places to Listen to Free Music Online without Downloading

You don't have to download music to your device to enjoy anymore. There are various music streaming services that cover all sorts of music you may like and will bring you ultimate music experience. For your convenience, we have carefully selected 6 places that allow you to listen to free music online without downloading or signing up. We hope that you will find some music streaming services in the list are useful.

Vita Vita | Updated on Feb 6, 2024

The 6 Websites to Listen to Free Music without Downloading

1. AccuRadio

2. Audiomack

3. iHeartRadio

4. YouTube

5. Last.fm

6. Jango

When it comes to music streaming services, many people may think of Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, or Apple Music. These big brands involve a plethora of music genres, artists and have all trendy and latest music you may want to have a taste. But if you're more inclined to a cost-free music platform, they will not be your destination because these services all require a premium account for accessing the collections and most features. Instead, you can go to the following 6 platforms to listen to free music online without downloading or registration. Let's dig into them one by one.

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The 6 Websites to Listen to Free Music without Downloading

Listen to music for free without downloading anything

AccuRadio is a completely free Internet Radio service with a thousand customizable radio channels in its library, with pop, rock, folk, urban, alternative rock, indie rock, country, new age, Americana, bluegrass, show tunes, Christian, jazz, electronic, oldies, standards, and many other music genres included. Whether you're driving, taking a walk in the park, or going to sleep with some sweet tunes, you will never feel the lack of options on AccuRadio! Another good side of AccuRadio is it offers unlimited skips feature. You can skip to the next song by pressing the skip button anytime you want.
AccuRadio doesn't require users to sign up for using it. But after signing in, you will be able to save your favorite channels for later access, unlock 5-star channels, and rate tracks.
Supported Planforms: iOS, Android, Sonos, Roku, web browsers.

Listen to free music on computer and mobile devices for free

Audiomack is a well-known music streaming and sharing platform. For listeners, it is an amazing spot to find new, independent music of talented and promising artists. Meanwhile, you will be able to find many hot hits on it. Audiomack has a sleek and easy-to-navigate interface design. Through the app, it's exceptionally easy to find your favorite artists, albums, and songs from its massive database. Although Audiomack is not a full-catalog streaming service in this filed, it includes high-quality and well-chosen content. Especially, Audiomack comes with highly accurate music classification algorithm, on basis of which, its Trending Page will display what are really prevailing at the present. Audiomack is basically a free music service. You can listen to free music online without downloading or sign-up on it, and even download Audiomack music offline through the app. But it does offer a premium subscription that is for users who want to listen to high-quality music without ads or download music playlists at one go.
Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, web browsers.

Stream music without downloading

iHeartRadio is a free service where you are able to stream live radio, podcasts, listen to music, and view music news. At present, it can be accessed in Australia, Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and New Zealand. On iHeartRadio, 850 local radio stations from all over the US and many other stations are available for streaming. There are also beyond 250,000 podcasts, coming with a huge catalog of songs. It involves every sort of music for your ultimate enjoyment. As a cross-platform service, iHeartRadio is supported on 250 device platforms. Widely recognized as the largest radio broadcaster in the United States, iHeartRadio is still free to use. You can listen to music on this website without signing up yet there will be some ads during the streaming and it limits the skips of tracks per day.
Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Samsung TV, LG TV Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One/360, Roku, etc.

Stream music free on YouTube

YouTube Music is a new music streaming service developed by YouTube, as a subsidiary of Google. And it is a popular spot for music buffs to explore and listen to releases from mainstream artists and watch music video on the YouTube service. It has curated a series of lists for listeners. For example, you can play the recommended music videos, learn about its featured charts, listen to the selected Hip-Hop songs, enjoy songs in other languages, and catch up on new releases under different sections. YouTube Music offers a free tier, which enables cost-free streaming with ads before each video or music and users don't have to create an account for playback. Meanwhile, there is a premium plan with advanced features of ad-free playback, audio-only background playback, and downloading songs.
Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, web browsers.

5. Last.fm

Listen to music for free

More than a music streaming service, Last.fm stands out from competitors for its unique and advanced "Audioscrobbler", which scrobbles music you listen to and gives the most personalized musical recommendations. Meanwhile, it supports integration with other popular music services including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, and more, to scrobble all the songs you have listened to and then find the songs fitting you style. However, it doesn't mean you can't freely listen to songs as you like. Last.fm covers a wide selection of music genres and tags for users to explore and it has the latest and trendy songs from popular artists. You can also browse songs based on its Top Artists, Top Tracks, Most Loved, and so on to know what are going viral now. Listening to music on Last.fm doesn't require you to create an account yet if you desire personalized music profile, you should get signed in at first.
Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, web browsers.

6. Jango

Listen to music free with unlimited skips

Jango is a free music streaming website that offers listeners tons of songs from independent or mainstream bands and artists. It comes with artist, radio stations, trending, genres, and some other filters, which helps users locate desired songs handily. Moreover, you can search for specific songs, bands or artists. On Jango, users are able to skip songs unlimited times. There are also additional features for registered users, including liking or banning songs, adjusting the variety of songs, and adding a certain number of artists into personal playlist.
Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, web browsers.

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Bottom Line

All the options above enable you to listen to free music online without downloading and sign-up. AccuRadio and Jango supports unlimited skips, On Audiomack, you will be able to catch up on trendy songs handily. iHeartRadio is where you can listen to live radio and podcasts. YouTube music offers not only new releases and hot hits from mainstream artists, but also has a wide selection of music videos to binge with. If you want to find more songs fitting your taste, Last.fm may give you more surprise.

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