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Top 7 KickassTorrents Alternatives: Similar Useful Websites Like KAT

Author by Vita

Updated on Mar 22, 2024

To look for the best KickassTorrents alternative, you may search online and find lots of reviews on alternative to Kickass. However, some of the alternative sites have been blocked or closed down. Even some sites would lead to adware or virus. In case that you come across those problems, I have selected the well-received and latest Kickass Torrents alternatives for you. Please focus on this article, and alternative sites in this article will be updated constantly.

Like many other torrent sites, Kickass Torrents provides the service for downloading movies, music, TV shows and games. Since it was found in 2008, Kickass Torrents developed rapidly and overtook all the similar sites as the most popular torrent service provider in the world. However, all the glory of Kickass Torrent dimmed and then ceased to prevail after its alleged founder, Artem Vaulin, was arrested on 20 July 2016. Now, Kickass is not that popular anymore and some of its official domains are inaccessible, which urges torrent users to find a good KickassTorrents alternative. So here I list the well-regarded Kickass alternative and latest torrent sites will also be added from time to time.

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The Top 7 KickassTorrents Alternative You Need

Here is an overview of the Kickass alternatives I will introduce today. Let's take a quick look at them. Then I will introduce them one by one.

1. The Pirate Bay: The most resilient BitTorrent site with a massive database.

2. RarBG: Good torrent tracker for facilitating peer-to-peer files sharing. Free download torrents, movies, TV series, music, games as you wish.

3. Help you download YIFI movies in HD quality at the smallest file size.

4. Limetorrents: Find the verified torrents and free download movies, games, music, anime, TV shows, software.

5. TorrentDownloads: Just like other torrent sites, you can find various torrents there.

6. Demonoid: Despite its custom of stoppage and return, Demonoid is a popular BitTorrent tracker and site.

7. All the movies, TV shows, games are organized for better view. Find multiple video qualities you like easily.

Kick Ass Torrents AlaternativeKick Ass Torrents Alaternative

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, also known as TPB, was regarded as the biggest torrent site before Kickass Torrents. It was founded in 2003, and also faced the similar fate as did. It was sealed up by official sector for many times but finally gets revived. The Pirate bay is right up there with KickassTorrents for it provides vast well-indexed torrents close to KickassTorrents. Users are free to download video, music, applications, games and other files. Without exaggerating, after Kickass Torrents down, it’s the best torrent tracker site and also a great KickassTorrents alternative.

The official site:

KAT torrents site alternativeKAT torrents site alternative

2. RarBG

As a torrent tracker, RarBG was also founded in 2008. Different from the development process of Kickass Torrents, RarBG should be a dark horse after the shutdowns of TPB and KickassTorrents. The most remarkable things on RarBG are not only the plenty of accessible torrents but the high quality sources. If you are looking for a good alternative to Kickass, RarBG should be on the list.

The official site:

KickassTorrent down – Find a good KAT alternative as YTS.mxKickassTorrent down – Find a good KAT alternative as


Addicted to HD movies? You can’t miss this Kickass Torrent alternative - As a special torrent site for HD movies, offers all kinds of movies torrents in 720p, 1080p and 3D quality with small size. It advertises itself as the new official domain for YTS yet the operator of YTS shut down his services permanently after reaching a settlement with the MPAA. Now aims to take the place of the original site. Anyway, YTS can also do this things as Kickass downloads movies and it is also a good kickass alternative for people who are fond of HD classic movies.

The official site:

If you have any problems with downloading and playing YTS YIFY movies, you can follow this article to find a good solution: How to Download YIFY Movie Torrents and Play on Devices without YIFY Codec Pack >>

Limetorrents – A useful alternative after KickassTorrents DownLimetorrents – A useful alternative after KickassTorrents Down

4. Limetorrents (Down)

Limetorrents is another good KickassTorrents alternative with various sources from video to music, games to application, etc. While it doesn’t have such big size of database as KickassTorrents, it still is the choice of many torrent users. The frequency of legitimate files is a good cause for people to use it. You can also share your ideas with others in its community. It’s a reputable alternative to Kickass and is also worth a try!

The official site:

TorrentDownloads – A Good Solution to Fix kickass Torrent DownTorrentDownloads – A Good Solution to Fix kickass Torrent Down

5. TorrentDownloads (Down)

As a torrent site started in 2007, the intuitive impression on TorrentDownloads is about its clear interface but this site is far more than that. This KickassTorrents alternative has a pretty big database of various music, video, software and games. Of course, those high quality torrents will totally surprise you. Can’t find a good torrent after Kickass down? Just try TorrentDownloads!

The official site:

Kickass Torrents alternative - DemonoidKickass Torrents alternative - Demonoid

6. Demonoid

Demonoid ever shut down for some time due to hosting problems and updating but it comes back later. Actually, it’s a regular action for this site to go offline and soon get revived. One thing needs to be noticed is that Demonoid is for registered users only so if you want to get the source you want from Demonoid, you need an invite to join. Once it was regarded as one of the most popular torrent sites with an estimated three million peers in September 2007 and over 252,427 torrents indexed as of May 3, 2009. Although the glory is a thing of past, Demonoid still can’t be overlooked.

The official site:

Torrent Kickass Alternative - 1337x.toTorrent Kickass Alternative -


1337X is a pretty regular Kickass Torrent alternative providing movie, television, music, video, game and other torrents. Now it has a proxy domain named 1337X is also well categorized and it allows you to find all the popular torrents in this day, this week and the top 100 torrents this month. If you want to download videos, music, games, 1337X is a good tool.

The official site:

Warm tips

In case of the circumstance of KickassTorretents, you can keep the top 7 KAT alternatives on your torrent sites list.

Meanwhile, please note that it’s illegal to download copyrighted contents in most countries. So if you are not sure whether or not the torrents you want to download is protected by copyright laws, you shall contact the owner or publisher of the content and ask for permission first.