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The Best Online Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites – Get Kickass Unblocked!

Author by Vita

Update on Aug 29, 2023

There are many KickassTorrents proxy and mirror sites yet some of them are offline and inaccessible. So this article collects the working Kickass Torrents proxies and mirror sites for you to have Kickass Torrent unblocked.

Please note that it’s illegal to download copyrighted contents in most countries. If you are not sure whether or not downloadable content is protected by copyright laws, you shall contact the owner or publisher of such content first and ask for permission to download it.

If you want to unblock Kickass Torrents and visit unblocked Kickass Torrents, you can follow this article to learn how to have Kickass unblocked and download torrents on the official site. Let's jump right into the working Kickass proxy sites and Kickass mirror sites below.

Get Kickass Unblocked -The Working Kickass Proxy and Mirror Sites

How to get KickassTorrent unblocked? Many Kickass unblocked sites revive from time to time, mainly Kickass torrent mirror sites or proxy sites. The newest and most popular is, which was opened by some KAT community members, has most of KAT's torrent database, and the interface is almost the same as the original one. Meanwhile, many other KickassTorrents unblocked mirror and proxy sites are popping up these days.

Here is the list of available Kickass mirror and Kickass proxy sites. Note that these Kickass proxy unblocked sites aren't working all the time.

The Causes People Can't Open Kickass Torrents and Other Torrent Sites

Sometimes you can’t make KickassTorrent unblock. What causes this condition?


1. The ISP (Internet Service Provider) in your country has blocked the torrent sites. In many cases, Kickass Torrents and similar torrent sites have conflict with media companies on the torrent contents due to copyright. For instance, a few years ago, TPG, Telstra, Optus, Foxtel and their subsidiaries from Australia have to block their users from visiting Kickass Torrents under a Federal Court injunction handed down in April because of the application from Sony Music Entertainment Australia and other related Music organizations. Other similar examples are too numerous to enumerate.

Kickass Torrents UnblockedKickass Torrents Unblocked

2. The browsers you use have delisted or blocked the sites. As the most popular browsers in the world, Google Chrome and FireFox have a substantial number of users who would visit Kickass Torrents and other torrent sites every day. However, Google Chrome had delisted KAT in 2013 and then it removed the renamed Kickass address,, from Google Search's results in 2015. Soon, Google Chrome and FireFox blocked people from accessing KAT overall because of safety concerns. So many people couldn’t get the KickassTorrents unblocked in that time.

3. The compulsive means of governments. It’s a well-known fact that the original KickassTorrents has been sealed down by USA government and I have also mentioned it at this article: An Overall Understanding of the Biggest Torrent Site>>

Warm Tips on Getting Kickass Unblocked and Downloading Torrents

1. The KAT proxy sites and mirrors may be blocked and offline later so this list on KickassUnblock site will be updated and new kickass new sites will be added constantly. To make sure that you can get KickassTorrents unblocked and let Kickass proxy download torrents, you’re suggested to focus on the update.

2. Please note that it’s illegal to download copyright contents without permission. If you try to download torrents and don’t know whether or not the sources are copyright ones, you shall contact the owner for the permission of fair use.