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JioSaavn Downloader - Download JioSaavn Music without Any Desktop Software Installed

Author by Blues

Updated on Feb 17, 2023

Compared with other music-sharing sites, only allows you to stream music online rather than downloading songs directly. Today, we have done some investigations for downloading JioSaavn songs and summed up 3 free methods to substitute the common JioSaavn downloader software. If you want to download music videos, this software is definitely worth trying:

Q: I found several songs in yet there is no download option within this website. Is it possible to download songs from Saavn? Help me!

A: JioSaavn (formerly known as Saavn & JioMusic) is an India-based online music streaming service. You can listen to music on this website, but this freemium service has some advertisements and limitations that affect user experiences in a negative way. Hence, there are many people who would like to explore some efficient approaches to download music from Saavn for offline enjoyment. Don't worry about it, next I will introduce three free JioSaavn downloaders to deal with the issue.

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Disclaimer Notice: The recommended Jiosaavn songs download ways in this article are only used for your personal entertainment activities or other fair uses. Any copyright infringement is forbidden.

Solution 1 - Download Songs from with the Video DownloadHelper Extension

I have known about a Saavn downloader available on both Google Chrome and Firefox that can help you download JioSaavn songs for free, and the operation steps are similar. Here I will take the Google Chrome version as an example to show you the detailed steps and you only need to add it into the browser in just a few clicks and can begin to save Saavn music. Moreover, this tool also allows you to save other music, for instance, save MixCloud music. Please add this downloader into your Google Chrome ( - Video DownloadHelper and follow my steps below to learn how to get Saavn songs downloads.

JioSaavn downloader - Video DownloadHelperJioSaavn downloader - Video DownloadHelper

Step 1. Go into Google browser, search for the Video DownloadHelper extension tool. Then find this tool and add it into Chrome.

Step 2. Now, enter the JioSaavn website. There you will see many types of music that are free to listen, and genres and artists as well. Choose the music you like, click it, you are able to enter the keywords of the song into the search box, too.

Step 3. Play the music to preview it, then right-click the song to choose the MP3 audio format and file size. Meanwhile, the actual download action is going to be performed with either the browser or the companion application, so you need to choose the browser download method. When you choose one way, the download action will be activated.

Solution 2 - JioSaavn Downloader Online - Download Music from Saavn with URL

Apart from using the browser extension, here is an online music downloader for getting Saavn songs. This online downloader needs users to download songs with the help of the song's link. The strengths of this solution are that no need to add any extension tool on your browser and the operation is very easy. Ok, I will talk about how to get Saavn MP3 songs free downloads with URL.

Online Saavn downloaderOnline Saavn downloader

Step 1. Open the Saavn website, find the music you want to download.

Step 2. Copy the URL on the top of the webpage.

Step 3. Enter the online JioSaavn music downloader ( Then paste the copied music link into the blank box.

Step 4. Hit the Download button to start to free download the Saavn song. Next, you will see three different bit rate standards for you. Finally, hit the fittest standard to download.

Solution 3 - Download JioSaavn Songs through Browser Developer Tools

If you don't mind a bit complicated operations, you can try the third download method. This download method is totally different from the two methods above, you are supposed to enter the Developer Tools pane by using F12 of the keyboard. The process is a little bit troublesome, please concentrate on the following steps:

Download Saavn music with codeDownload Saavn music with code

Step 1. Open the with your Google Chrome.

Step 2. Play the music you like. Then, push the F12 button on the keyboard to open the detailed Developer Tools pane. Click on the Network button on the top, then choose the Media option. Next, press the F5 button on your keyboard to refresh the webpage, and re-play the music. When the music finishes loading, you will see one or two media options, right click on one option and choose the Open in New tab option under the Name tab.

Step 3. Now, you will enter a new webpage. Please press the three dots on the playback window, then click the Download button to start to download Saavn music. If you use Firefox browser, the download action is slightly different: Enter a new page » Right Click the playback process bar » Hit the "Save Audio as...".

In a Word

The three JioSaavn download methods and corresponding detailed steps have been introduced to you, but the shortcoming of those methods is the download speed will be influenced by the network speed or server. Here is a free video & audio downloader -WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory, this software will help you to download music videos from many video-shared websites, download music from SoundCloud, and it is safe and has no spam ads and you can convert files to over 500 digital formats and devices. If you are interested in it, feel free to download it.

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