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How to Get YouTube Video

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As we know, YouTube video is very popular and we can see many kinds of videos on YouTube, but we can not be online all the time, what should we do if we want to watch YouTube videos on our portable devices or on our PC? So, how to get YouTube video is really what we need concern about. This passage below will show you the way.

Common Ways to Get YouTube Video

Search on Google, you will find many ways to make you know how to get YouTube video, but each of them has a common and main disadvantage, here I will list the common ways below:

1. Find some YouTube video downloading tools: Search on Google, you will find many kinds of this kind of tools like some tool called Gazzump. Few of them are really familiar to us.

2. Some Websites can help you solve the problem - how to get YouTube video: This kind of websites will provide you with a blank, you just need put the URL of the YouTube Video into the blank and then you can get it and play it on your computer. However, through this way, you only can get fewer YouTube video resources.

3. There are also some other common way that can help you get YouTube video, that is using your computer's mouse, just use your computer's mouse to click some button of your computer's browser, and then you can get the YouTube video, this may not work, so there is no need for me to explain the details.

These are the three main common ways to get YouTube video, but each of them has a common and main disadvantage that is even though you have get YouTube video, you still can not play it on your portable device or some old version computer, because they can not support FLV.

How to Get YouTube Video Really

As the passage mentioned above, when you have downloaded the YouTube video but your portable device or your computer may not support, because most portable devices can not support FLV and some old computer also can not support FLV, which will be a great pity. Actually, you need not worry about that, you just need a YouTube video converter to convert the YouTube videos to the right format that is fit for your portable device or your computer, at that time you will really get YouTube video and you can watch them whenever you need and wherever necessary.

The Way to Select a good YouTube Video Converter

Since we have known that a YouTube video converter can help us to really get YouTube video, there is a problem that follows, the problem is how to select a good one to get the YouTube video, because many of this kind of video converters will not work as they advertised, to find a good one, here are some factors you should concern about when selecting this kind of video converter below:

1. Whether it has good converting quality and fast converting speed, as a video converter, this is the basic function;

2. Whether it has rich parameter settings, with this feature, you can define your video by setting the parameters to get more suitable videos for your iPad;

3. Whether it has easy operation, nobody would like to spend plenty of time to research how to use it;

4. Whether it has reasonable prices, the reasonable price of it should be at around $20.

If you really want to select a good one, it is necessary for you to pay attention to these factors above, if you think it is a little complex, here I can recommend a good related video converter for you - YouTube Video Converter Factory Deluxe, it has all the advantages mentioned above, with it, how to get YouTube video will be not a problem!

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