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5 Good Sites for Free Sound Effects Download

Author by Vita

Updated on Mar 14, 2024

Whatever types of sound effects you’re looking for - nature, human, suspense, game show, war, and whatnot, the following 5 websites carefully selected by us will show you the best answers. Read and pick out your favorite website for free sound effects download.

The curial point of video creation is the image, undoubtedly, while an excellent video project not only relies on visual scenes but also is credited with good background music and concordant sound effects. Especially, sound effects can help a video creator deliver moods, expressions, extend and enhance the sense of reality. For instance, if you are creating a short funny film, adding laughing sound effects to suitable scenes would get the audience in a good mood and arouse their interests in this film. Good sound effects coordinating with the video you’re making are fundamental, but where to find good free sound effects for video editing? You can try the 5 free sound effects download sites.

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Please note that it’s not legal to download any copyrighted content without permission. WonderFox doesn’t advocate any illegal download action. This tutorial is for personal fair use only.

Top 5 Places to Download Free Sound Effects

1. Freesound

Freesound is a paradise for free sounds effects download and the massive library, with more than 400,000 sounds and effect, will give you quite a turn. Recent uploads on the homepage are refreshed every day so there is a sporting chance that you will find daunting new sound effects for your works. Unlike other free resource sites, Freesound doesn’t own a defined classification & navigation bar. If you want to find some specific sound effects, you have to turn to its quick search box. Then under the results page, you’re able to filter sounds effects by licenses, tags, format, sample rate, bitrate, etc. To download sound effects for videos on Freesound, registration is required.   

Sound effects free download

2. Zapsplat

Zapsplat is a good destination for free sound effects and royalty free music, owning over 68,000 free professional sounds that can be downloaded in MP3 and lossless WAV format (available upgraded Gold members). Over and above, all the audio tracks on Zapsplat are available for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. On the sound effect categories section, all sound effects are considerately classified based on Animals, Bells, Cartoon, Explosions, and other 22 genres. The owner of keeps recording and adding new tracks. You can check back there any time to catch up with unique and new effects. Meanwhile, in spite of the free download service, you can also choose to upgrade to the Gold account of Zapsplat with a donation, which empowers you to download higher audio quality, enjoy attribution removal in projects and use more advanced features.

Download free sound effects

3. YouTube

If what you’re looking for is sound effects for YouTube, the YouTube audio library would give you a satisfying response. Several years ago, YouTube launched the library for free music that content creators can download and use on their projects. By entering YouTube studio and clicking the Audio library tab on the left vertical menu bar, users can get to the YouTube Audio Library interface, browse and download sound effects for videos. The category drop-down list contains 19 genres of effects and with no hassles, you can download any of them using the direct download buttons. There are two types of content – attribution required and attribution free. And you will see a related attribution label if you run into a sound that requires attribution. In addition to the Audio Library, YouTube has a plethora of channels concentrating on loyal-free sound effects, such as Audio Library — Music for content creators, Gaming Sound FX, Audio Library - Free Sound Effects, SoundEffectsFactory. With the assistance of a YouTube downloader, you can save sounds from these channels. 

YouTube sound effects


Many content creators find it hard to find actually free sounds effects for their video product promotion. Now SoundBible is here to take you out of the hassle. SoundBible is dedicated to offering its users free sound effects from everyday life, for instance, car sounds, dog bark, city sounds, gross sounds, bird sounds, human sounds, and party sounds. Over 9000 sounds tags are for you to browse. Most sound effects on SoundBible are under Attribution 3.0, which means you can use the sound effect in your videos for profit but need to give the owner credit for your design. Beyond that, this site has a few royalty free sounds and public domain sounds that can be used anywhere without additional attribution or fees. Anyway, the license status is right next to each sound effect so you can check out it easily. Free sound effects download on SoundBible is as easy as a walk in the park: Click into a sound effect, choose either MP3 or WAV format, then the download process starts.

Free sound effects for videos

5. Sound Jay

Different from other free video sound effects websites referred above, which highlight the enormous collection, Sound Jay is more a small package of high-quality sound effects about tiny sound effects. The website consists of 10 main categories, and under each of them, more free sound effects packs are classified further. What makes it easier to find the needed effect is Sound Jay gives a brief and terse description and tags to all single soundtracks. All sound effects are royalty free so they can be used in your films, videos, games, presentations, animations, apps, and more be it for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Also, besides SoundBible, Sound Jay is the other site that allows you to download sound effects in both MP3 and WAV. Just bookmark it on your browser and polish your project with more sound dynamic effects!

Free movie sound effects

Sum up

Sound effects can make a great difference on a project, and for content creators, getting good sound effect resources in handy is particularly important. All the websites we have introduced have quite a few free sound effects for video editing, games, presentations, and all other content. Meanwhile, in addition to the referred websites, there are some other well-known good free sound effects websites we don’t mention as they are primarily for non-commercial usages or require fees for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, if you know any good websites for totally free sound effects, which should have been included in this list, please share it with us anytime.

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