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Three Easy Ways to Download Instagram Live Videos

Author by Michelle

Updated on June 30, 2022

Streaming live on Instagram is a popular way for many Internet celebrities to share their lives and ideas with their audience while these live-streamed videos can be saved by the owner only and not by others. Yet, there are still many people who want to download these live videos for various reasons but coul. To free you from that annoyance, this article will introduce to you three solutions to download Instagram live videos. Just install the tool needed here and get started:

Disclaimer: The methods mentioned in this article to download Instagram live videos are for personal fair use only. WonderFox does not advocate any copyright infringement behavior, please ensure your action is legal in you country.

As American’s biggest photo and video-sharing social platform, Instagram has become a necessity in people’s daily life. It is now a routine to share and like the Instagram feeds, yet download is still something unapproved. To respect copyright protection to the most, Instagram forbids users to download any photo and video (stories excluded) posted on the platform even if the user being the owner himself. The regulations over live streaming videos are ever stricter on Instagram as the live-streaming content disappears as soon as the organizer ends it. And only if the live-streamed video is shared by the initiator on his/her stories others who have missed this live streaming have the chance to watch it within a time-length of 24 hours. So, many people are in a strong need to download Instagram live videos. And there are indeed several practical approaches to this matter. Just read on to learn more about how to save Instagram live video in the following parts.

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Method 1. Save Instagram Live Videos with Screen Capture Software

This is a universal method for every streaming video downloading and is especially useful to download Instagram live videos. Since there is still a possibility that you won’t be able to view the live-streamed video on Instagram again (as long as the creator choose not to share it on his/her stories), it is highly suggested you use this method to record the live video as the initiator starts broadcasting.

Also, recording streaming video is a serious thing and a powerful streaming video recorder is a must. Here I would like to recommend a versatile software - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro that can do the recording without any hassle. Below is the detailed tutorial of how to save Instagram live video with this screen recorder.

Tips: This software can also be used as a downloader to download Instagram videos as well, skip to method two to see more details.

How to Save Instagram Live Video with Screen Capture Software

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open “Recorder”.

Step 2. In the Screen Recorder, tick off “Stereo Mix” to ensure the sound will be recorded simultaneously with the video. Next, click on “Custom” and move the cursor to select a specific area that covers the live streaming, then hit “OK”.

Step 3. Hit “REC” in the red button to start recording. When the live streaming ends, click the software icon or use the hotkey “Crtl+F1” to stop recording. The recorded video will automatically pop up in your local folder.

Tips: The following methods apply to non-live video from a broadcaster's profile. You can't download live video streams because they're still continuing to stream.

Method 2. Download Instagram Live Videos with Third-party Downloader

If you're lucky to find the live-streamed video be shared in the stories, you can use a third-party downloader to download video through URL. Here I'm going to use the marvelous WonderFox HD Video Converter Pro, the practical recorder mentioned in method 1, to show you how to download Instagram live video in stories.

How to Save Instagram Live Video with Third-party Downloader

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Play the full ended livestream video on Instagram and copy the full-length URL of the video.

Step 2. Run the software and open Video Downloader. Click on “+ New Download” and paste the copied URL into the analyzer, then hit “Analyze”. Wait for a few seconds till the download options of the video appear. If it has multiple options, you can choose the format, resolution, and size at your will. When all is set, click “OK” to add the task to the download list.

Step 3. Click “Download All” to start downloading.

Method 3. Rip Instagram Live Videos with Browser Extension

You can also install browser extensions to help save Instagram live video. Here is the one that is praised and recommended by many people - IG Stories for Instagram. Let’s see how it works.

Instagram Live Save

Step 1. Search IG Stories for Instagram in your chrome web store > Add to Chrome > Add extension. Then wait for it to be installed on your browser.

Step 2. Click on the just added icon on your top right row to activate this extension. Re-click the icon again > “Go to” and log in.

Step 3. Click on any story or live video and on the top-left corner, choose “Download” or “Download All” to save the content to your desktop.

At last...

Hope the three methods provided in this article would be helpful to you, and if you have other good suggestions, you are always welcomed to share with us. upports ...

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