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Several Methods of Fixing Dailymotion Not Working

Author by Cooper

Updated on Feb 3, 2023

Are you encountering some Dailymotion not working issues? This article lists 4 solutions for different situations, and a supplementary solution if the other solutions do not work. I hope these solutions will be helpful for you.

Dailymotion not working issuesDailymotion not working issues

In the past few days, you may encounter some Dailymotion errors and Dailymotion blank pages when you browse Dailymotion. The video may just keep on loading, and at times it will only be black, or you get an error like "reportId: 1djbbnh12074flnafvm", but the video never plays.

What's the cause of Dailymotion videos not playing and how to fix the Dailymotion not working issues?

Is Dailymotion Down?

Maybe your friends have encountered the same situations, so you may have such doubts: Is Dailymotion down? In the current situation, Dailymotion can still serve normally. Why is Dailymotion not working? Simply speaking, if Dailymotion is down, then you will encounter Dailymotion server errors. You can't solve this problem. But since the site itself is up and running, the reasons for the problem are very variable. Probably the server is overloaded, or unreachable because of a network problem, or the browser you are using. On the basis of different reasons, there are several necessary troubleshooting steps listed below which can help you fix these issues.

Solution 1: Change Another Browser

Whether it's a network problem, a hardware problem, some odd problems, etc. We can simply change to another browser to try to play the video normally on Dailymotion. This method is simple and convenient, so you can try it first. If it's really a browser issue, then this method will quickly solve your problem.

Solution 2: Check Your Browser

We can also check whether the current browser needs restoration. Usually, the way we repair the browser is divided into three phases. The first stage: check if it needs to be upgraded to adapt to the changes made by Dailymotion; the second stage: clear the browser's cache and cookies, let the browser return to the state when it was first opened; the third stage: reinstall the browser to make it completely back to the original. (Note: It is best to install the latest version of the browser when reinstalling, lest you return to the first stage.) However, before checking the browser, I suggest you to re-open the browser first, try to see if it can normally play the video.

Dailymotion not working issues

It's also worth noting that if you don't know if your browser has some ad-blocking plugins open, you might want to check it out, because these plugins may also cause

your video to be not played properly. Try to turn it off and if it doesn't work, just turn

it back on to avoid affecting your future browser experience.

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Solution 3: Enable Your Flash Player to Fix the Issues

enable flash player

Since the birth of the HTML5 player with many advantages, many Web developers have chosen to adopt HTML5 to replace the original Adobe Flash Player. Further, some browsers also use the HTML5 player as the default player, and Adobe Flash Player is disabled by default. However, there are still some websites on the Internet that use Adobe Flash Player. When you happen to open such a video, you may encounter problems, for example, the video is not normal. What you need at this time is to enable Adobe Flash Player in your browser so as to watch these videos again.

Solution 4: Improve Your Internet Connection

As a supplement to the above solutions, network connectivity may also be a reason of Dailymotion not working. For example, in a poor network environment, the online work we want to complete may become more difficult. We may encounter network stutter, packet loss and even the loss of the entire working file. Similarly, we may encounter Dailymotion server errors when watching Dailymotion videos in a poor network connection, and we may also lose some of the data we want to watch because of the network, which may cause Dailymotion won't load properly or be interrupted during playback. At this time, I suggest that you can put the program you want to watch in the playlist, watch it after the network condition is improved, or you can't get a good network connection in a short time, then you can also download embedded videos in the websites to the local area and then watch it smoothly. Here is a Dailymotion video download tutorial via a Dailymotion video downloader, Free HD Video Converter Factory.

How to Download Dailymotion Videos via Free HD Video Converter Factory?

Before the download start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Copy URL

Step 1: Copy and Paste the URL

First open the video you want to download in Dailymotion, and copy the address in the web page, usually at the top of the page.

Download Dailymotion video

Step 2: Download the Dailymotion Videos

Launch Free HD Video Converter Factory, select "Downloader" and then click "+ New Download" on the top of the interface, and paste the URL, then click Analyze. After the analysis is finished, click OK > Download All to get started. Wait for a while before the process is completed.

Convert and Transfer the Video to Other Devices If You Need

You can use the software to convert the downloaded Dailymotion videos to Android devices, to Apple devices, and then transfer the converted files to your devices via USB or network. After successfully transferring the files to your mobile devices, you can watch these videos anytime and anywhere. Besides, you can get Dailymotion songs download and even YouTube music via this software. Download this software to solve Dailymotion not working issues and to try an offline video watching experience.

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