How to Free Convert ARF to MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3 for Playback without Restriction?

"I have recorded a file using WebEx. It saved it as an .arf file extension and I'd like to convert it to MP4 or AVI. Is that possible? If so, how do I do that?" If you have the same problem, this tutorial is providing a timely help for you.


If you have a frequent demand for online meeting/training, web conferencing or video conferencing, Cisco WebEx product should not be a stranger to you. After you record the whole meeting content, the recording will be stored in WebEx's cloud server automatically. And it will be saved as an .arf file (WebEx Advanced Recording File) when you download it from WebEx to your PC. However, ARF is a proprietary format of WebEx which means ARF file is not acceptable to other media players, applications or devices. Due to the special property of ARF file, you may want to convert ARF file to MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, MP3, etc for freely playback, video editing, or other various usage. This article will be divided into two parts to demonstrate how to convert ARF to other popular formats.

Part 1. Convert ARF to WMV with WebEx Player

WebEx Network Recording Player is mainly used to stream and watch ARF recordings. Moreover, it's also used as an ARF to WMV converter allowing you to convert ARF to WMV/SWF/MP4. Install WebEx Network Recording Player on your computer. Launch it and follow the steps below.

Save ARF to WMV in WebEx Player

Save ARF to WMV in WebEx Player

Step 1. Click "File" > "Open" to import your ARF file into WebEx Player.

Step 2. Click "File" > "Convert Format" > Here you can decide to convert the ARF file to WMV, SWF or MP4.

Note: An additional WebEx conversion tool is required for converting the recording to MP4 format. And when you download the tool, your Media Access Control address is stored in WebEx's records for tracking purposes. It's a bit complex and not advisable to change ARF to MP4 format with WebEx Player. So converting to WMV or SWF is recommended.

Step 3. Set output location, video quality and "Conversion Start Time", then start the conversion.

However, the converting time depends on your original recording size and Network Speed, you have to be patient in waiting. Besides, WebEx Player only recognizes ARF file and supports three optional formats WMV/SWF/MP4. So if you need to convert ARF file or other video and audio file to some mainstream formats, it cannot work. To solve this problem, an ARF converting software you may get interested. Keep reading!

Part 2. Convert ARF to MP4 or Other Popular Formats with Free ARF Converter

As a top-notch and well-acclaimed free desktop application, Free HD Video Converter Factory offers you a fast, stable and efficient solution not only for ARF file conversion, but also for lesser-known video & audio format conversion, such as convert TRP to MP4, WLMP to MP4, TREC to MP4, PVR to MP4, etc. Download and install this freeware, then run it.

With the help of the best free ARF to MP4 converter, you can effortlessly convert the ARF file to MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, WebM, HTML5 and other various formats with original quality for 100% free. Learn more >

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Step 1 - Add Saved Output File to Free ARF File Converter

Click "Add Files" to import saved WMV file into program, or just a simple drag-and-drop. It will automatically analyze and list the source file size , format, resolution, duration, etc.

Load Saved WMV file to ARF to MP4 Converter

Load Saved WMV file to ARF to MP4 Converter

Step 2 - Select MP4 or Desired Output Format or Device

Spread out the Output Format list on the right, select MP4 profile under Video Tab. Also, there are 300+ built-in optimized presets for your need so that you can convert ARF to AVI, ARF to MKV, ARF to MOV, etc, even to convert ARF to MP3, WMA or other audio formats if it's an audio meeting. Just click on the profile without extra operation.

Select MP4 as Output Format

Select MP4 as Output Format

Step 3 - Start to Convert ARF to MP4

After done, target your output folder path and hit "Run" button to start to convert ARF to MP4 or other format.

Start ARF to MP4 Conversion

Start ARF to MP4 Conversion

The work will be complete in the shortest possible time, then you can play, stream, edit, upload your ARF recordings as you wish. Besides conversion, you can join multiple files together, cut recording, rotate video, etc. Another widely praised feature is YouTube video downloading, including 4K/8K/360-degree/VR movie/music videos. Go ahead and explore more surprise by yourself.

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How to Free Convert ARF to MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3 for Playback without Restriction?

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