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So I recorded some video clips during my travels, but they were in 12 parts. Does anyone know how I can join these video files?


Occasionally, I find there is a variety of video and audio files messing up my PC. You know, some of these are about TV series and movies, some are my favorite recordings and memories, the rest are YouTube video downloads. Here I'm appealing to everyone for a good habit to clean up your PC regularly rather than tearing your hair out and yelling for help someday. Of course, that's not the point. For the same type of videos, I put my hand to classify and join video files together. Here comes the question, how to combine videos?

Well, as the saying goes, "You don't know something? Google it. You don't know someone? Facebook it." You just type the key words "join video files" and Google will tell you all about it. I tried Avidemux, VirtualDub, and Format Factory as recommended but didn't work for me. I'm not sure if it's the video codec issue or they are not compatible with my Windows 10 Pro 64Bit, God knows. Owing to this free video joiner as well as a video spliter- WonderFox Free HD Video Converter, I'm sitting here and holding a hot cup of coffee to share this tip with you.

Download and install the video joiner freeware on your PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP), launch it and follow the step-by-step simple guide below to combine video files.

The best free video joiner enables you to join/combine multiple video files together with original quality. Organize messy video with a few clicks. Learn more >

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How to Join Videos Together

You'll see a user-friendly and intuitive interface popping up in front of your eyes. I'm sure you are self-taught since all main features listed on the menu bar are understandable at a glance. You can operate the video combiner smoothly even if you're new to this software.

Step 1 - Add Video Files

Click "Add Files" button or drag your multiple videos you want to join into this video joiner software. Never mind various different video formats will cause a crash, this program supports almost all common formats.

Note: Most of my videos are MP4 formats, so you can consider it as the MP4 joiner as well as AVI joiner, MKV joiner, etc. Furthermore, it allows you to batch download YouTube 4K videos and add subtitles to each video for combining.

Import Videos into Free Video Joiner

Import Videos into Free Video Joiner

Step 2 - Join Video Files

A new "Merge" window will come out after pressing "[+] Merge" button close to the bottom of the program. You'll see all your imported videos existing in the first "Original" column. Go ahead and press "[+] Merge" button to create several packs as you want in the second "Merged" column. With the help of up and down arrow on the right, you have to add videos to other packs if you create more than 3 packs. Hold down "Ctrl" key and multiply select the videos, then drag them into corresponding packs.

The Merge Window Comes Out

The Merge Window Comes Out

Note: You are allowed to rearrange the video orders in each pack by dragging. Click OK and return to the main interface after merging videos into the packs.

Rearrange the Video Orders

Rearrange the Video Orders

Step 3 - Rename Video Pack and Start Process

As a matter of convenience, it's better to rename each video pack for better storage. To further facilitate video playback, you can choose various formats and devices as you wish on the right. Don’t worry about different video resolution, the program will analyze and optimize them automatically. At last, don't forget to set your output folder. After all was done above, hit "Run" button to join videos together.

Rename the Video Pack

Rename the Video Pack

Note: WonderFox Free HD Video Converter is not only a free video joiner, but also a free audio converter to convert, cut and merge audio. Meanwhile, a wide range of smartphones and TV sets are supported like Apple devices, Samsung GALAXY series, PS4, Xbox One, Surface, etc.

Abundant Formats and Devices

Abundant Formats and Devices

As you see, combining videos together is a foolproof process with only a few clicks. The feature that most impressed me is I can join several video packs simultaneously. That's really helpful. Apart from joining video files, the free video joiner also enables you to change aspect ratio, split videos, convert to HTML5 video, and convert video to 4K. You won't believe it's a totally free software! Also, if you need to compress and reduce video size and enhance VP9 and H.265 video with GPU acceleration, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is right for you.

Still got question? Submit it to us and get answer within 24 hours.
free HD converter

Free HD Video Converter

Perfectly convert your standard resolution resources to higher definition levels and free download YouTube to your gadgets.

  • CNet
    This program was able to convert an hour-long video in few minutes and produced high-quality results.
    by Rick | CNet
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    It offers an acceptable selection of both file formats and device-optimization profile and produces very high quality results.
    by Boboc | SoftPedia
  • MajorGeeks Editor
    This freeware has incredibly fast conversion speed and makes frequent movie conversion much easier.
    by Aaron | MajorGeeks
  • User comment
    Really free and easy to use.Does so may formats forwards and backwards Includes HD as well as standard. No ads, no signup, no arrogant taking over your...
    by Brokenit
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