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WAV to M4R – How to Make Your Own iPhone Ringtone
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WAV to M4R – How to Make Your Own iPhone Ringtone

Author by Rocabella

Update on May 21, 2020

Even though the iPhone is capable of playing music in several audio formats, it can only recognize the M4R as a ringtone. Presently, many people are tired of monotonous ringtones on their iPhone and want to change their ringtone to their favorite music. In this case, WAV as the closest format to lossless audio, is the best choice for most people to convert to iPhone ringtone. Follow the guide to learn different methods for WAV to M4R conversion. And here is a recommended program for you to do this job.

A new ringtone called “Reflection” has replaced “Opening” as the default ringtone for the iPhone X. It may be interesting at first, but it becomes boring when people around all use the same ringtone after a long time. Hence, why not create your own unique ringtones?

We all know that the iPhone ringtone is an AAC audio file under 40 seconds in .m4r container format, which means that other audio files need to be converted to M4R format to be compatible with the iPhone. WAV file is a good choice because it is closest to the lossless audio format, which maximizes the audio quality of the M4R ringtones. To convert WAV audio file to M4R, this article provides two effective methods.

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2 Handy & Simple Methods to Convert WAV to M4R for Free

Solution 1 – Free WAV to M4R Converter for WAV to iPhone Ringtone

Free HD Video Converter Factory, as its name indicates, this tool is a totally free program that allows users to do WAV to M4R conversion. At the same time, it has an intuitive interface that allows users to operate the converter without any hassle. To learn how to convert WAV to M4R with the program, you can check the instruction below.

Download Free HD Video Converter from herehere. After testing, this WAV M4R converter can be compatible with all Windows OS PC.

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Guide: How to Convert WAV to M4R with Few Clicks

Import and Clip iPhone Ringtone WAV File

Step 1: Drag WAV File into Program

Free downloadFree download and run the program, then click “Add Files” to import your WAV files. Alternatively, you can directly drag the source files and drop them onto the blank area of the program.

Next, click “Clip” to cut your audio for getting your desired 40s iPhone ringtone.

Convert WAV to iPhone Ringtone M4R

Step 2: Convert WAV to iPhone Ringtone

On the right side of the interface, click “Output Format” drop-down menu to get into format-selection panel which is arranged by category. Then choose “iPhone Ringtone” icon under “Audio” category.

Finally, set output folder path and press the "Run" button in the bottom right corner to get the conversion process started.

Besides converting WAV to M4R for making iPhone ringtones, more than 300 video & audio formats and codecs are supported for conversions such as M4A to M4R or M4R to MP3.

Solution 2 – Use Free WAV to M4R Converter Online

Convert WAV to iPhone RingtoneConvert WAV to iPhone Ringtone

Of course, you can also choose to convert WAV to M4R online without installing third-party software. Many online platforms offer free conversion services such as,, etc. Here's the example of

1. Visit

2. Click “UPLOAD FILES” to upload your WAV files, or drag them directly to the middle of the page. In addition, the audio formats of AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG and WMA are also supported.

3. Select the start and end time that you want to use as the ringtone.

4. Select M4R as the output format.

5. Click “MAKE RINGTONE” to start the conversion.

6. When the conversion is completed, download it to the local.

These two programs perform great in converting WAV to M4R. Whereas, viewing them generally, Free HD Video Converter Factory is the better one for its convenience and multiple functions.

More Features on Free HD Video Converter Factory

1. You can change channels, Bit rate, Sample Rate, Encoder, volume gaining for your audio files.

2. You can free download YouTube songs and convert them to multiple audio formats.

3. It can easily fix the problem of audio not being in sync.

Free Download Free Download

A Perfect Audio Converting Tool

A Perfect Audio Converting Tool

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

After reading the above article, I believe you have a certain understanding of Free HD Video Converter Factory, if you want to experience more powerful functions, give one try of HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is aimed to convert video/audio to another 300+ different video/audio formats and devices. Furthermore, it can also support to downsize video/audio file size without any quality loss, which enables you to store more videos in your digital devices such as smart phone and tablet.

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