Jun 27, 2015

Background of the The NEW Jurassic World

As the master work of Dinosaur Series, Jurassic Park takes a strong influence like a bombshell to all the people. Meanwhile, the famous director, Steven Allan Spielberg, gains three great prizes from Oscar relies on this wonderful work. Jurassic World is the continuation of this movie, which brings us back to the fabulous memory of Jurassic Park. Naboo Lal island also has been developed into a huge theme park and resort, namely the Jurassic world.

The Jurassic World 1

Great Plots of Jurassic World - Reminiscence and Innovation

Most things from Jurassic World follow the original settings and continuation of the Jurassic Park. The very interesting thing is that the released day of Jurassic World is the right day of releasing Jurassic Park twenty-two years ago. We hardly cannot feel the meaning from the new director, Colin Trevorrow, who choose to pay his respects to the previous works, especially in the condition that other directors choose to reproduce classic movies.

There are many interesting plots in Jurassic World, like taming dinosaur, which is the main clue ,that the topic of dinosaur evolution is presented on the audience vision. In this movie in the whole Dinosaur Series. The dinosaurs seem to understand human being¡¯s language, and they can even learn about your thought via person¡¯s movement. They become much smarter. The drag racing scene is a climax part, which the leading actor (Chris Pratt) rides his motorcycle in the lush jungle, racing with the velociraptors.

The Jurassic World 2

Why Not Backup Jurassic World

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Steps to backup Jurassic World

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