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iPod Music to MP3 - Enjoy the Freedom

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Why We will Transfer iPod Music to MP3

It is unfair that you paid for those songs that from iTunes but you can't play them outside of the iTunes environment like you can not play them on hardware not supported by Apple, or on operating systems not supported by iTunes. Because the audio formats or the music resources that you have purchased and downloaded from iTunes are in a "protected" AAC or MP3 audio format. So if you want to play your iPod music on your other devices like MP3 player, it is impossible. At this moment, we need related iPod to MP3 converter so that we can play the iPod music on our other music players.

How to Transfer iPod Music to MP3

After knowing why we need to transfer iPod music to MP3, now it is time for us to know how to transfer iPod music to MP3. There are some ways that can help you finish this task, however, some of them are illegal. If you do not want to be put into prison, you should better find some legal ways that can help you finish the task. One of the easiest and legal ways to transfer iPod music to MP3 is to find a related iPod to MP3 converter, and then we can convert the iPod music to the MP3 that are not protected by Apple Company and play them on our other MP3 players. The whole process will be as easy as you purchase a chocolate.

How to Choose a Good iPod to MP3 Converter

As we can see, iPod to MP3 converter can help us get MP3 that are not protected by Apple Company, so choose this kind of converter is necessary for us if you want to play iPod music on your other MP3 players. However, there is an attendant question that is among so many related converters, how can we find a good one? Here are some advices that you should take:

1.Good converted audio's quality

2.Fast converting speed.

3.Easy to use

4.Without any unsafe factors

iPod Video Converter

It is necessary and important for you to take these advices into consideration. There is a good related converter I can recommend to you; it is iPod Video Converter Factory Pro 3.0, this powerful converter has all the advantages mentioned above, what's more, there is a unique feature of iPod Video Converter Factory Pro 3.0, that is it has optimized profiles, The list of profiles is neatly organized so that you can find your iPod model easily. Just go for one and break the shackles of Apple iTunes, you will iPod music on your music player easily!

Screenshot of iPod Video Converter

iPod Video Convertor

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More Tips and Guides about Your iPod

If you want to enjoy more kinds of videos and audios on your iPod without format limitation, the below passage will be very useful to you. These tips and guides include convert video to iPod series and convert audio files to your iPod compatible audio files.

What’s better, with iPod Video Converter Factory Pro, you can convert video and audio to you iPod series with optimized presets, that is, you do not have to figure out what the right video format, audio format, ecoder, bit rate or encoder are for your iPod series like iPod Touch 4, just simply select your corresponding device icon from the output profile. For more information about how to use iPod Video Converter Factory Pro, please see the User Guide of this software.

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