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Top 6 Game Recording Software in 2022

Author by Michelle

Updated on May 31, 2022

There’s a variety of game recorders on the market. To know some good game recording software, here are the top six video game recording software for your reference.

Tips. For a simple gameplay recorder, you can try this screen recorder that captures games in HD MP4 easily:

To record games, knowing how to record gameplay is necessary. But before the recording, choosing the right recorder is of greater importance. In the following post, you’ll know some of the best game capture software available on the market. Hope you can find your wanted answer here.

The List of Top Game Recorders:

Top 6 Game Recorders in 2022

1. OBS Studio - The Best Game Recording Software for PC

OBS Studio - The Best Game Recording Software for PC

OBS Studio is what we think the best software for game recording. It is a free, cross-platform and open-source program for live streaming, video recording, and video editing. It has a stylish interface with a set of configuration options that are quite intimidating to new users. You might get perplexed by its layout and features and don't know what to do first. Yet, deep learning with this software will bring you to see its charm and worth. The biggest highlight of OBS is that it has a wide range of settings for you to customize the software to your taste. You can choose to record your video with either CPU or GPU (the usage on CPU might affect your gameplay while GPU might generate a bigger file) and output your video in MP4, MKV, MOV, TS, and FLV. Also, external plugins can be added to improve its performance.

2. Streamlabs OBS - Advanced but Simplified OBS Studio

Streamlabs OBS - video game capturing software

This is another free and open-source program used for video streaming and recording. It is developed from OBS Studio but got rid of the complicated stuff in OBS. So it has a higher usability than OBS Studio and more advanced functionality. Once you started the Streamlabs OBS, it will automatically pre-configure all settings in terms of your system and prepare you to stream and record games directly. You can then link to your Streamlabs account and import additional tools to enhance your recording experience. Note that this software is available only on Windows, and that from another point, makes it one of the best software for recording gameplay on pc.

3. Bandicam - All-Around Gameplay Recorder

Bandicam - All-Around Game Recording Software

Bandicam is no stranger to us for it has long established its reputation as a professional recorder for PC Windows. Its Game Recording mode offers the best way to record gameplay on PC. It can directly record the target using the DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technologies, and FPS is displayed on the left corner while in-game. Besides game recording, its Screen Recording mode is also powerful in capturing other activities in a resizable window, like recording streaming videos. The most amazing part of Bandicam is its built-in compression feature that produces video in a small size while preserving the quality. The multiple audio stream recording function also allows you to record game sound and microphone simultaneously.

An Equal Impressive Screen Recorder for PC Gaming

Apart from the famous video game recording software mentioned above, the lesser-known WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can also deliver a solid performance in game recording. Though it isn’t designed as a game recorder in the first place, it can record gameplay in high efficiency with its built-in screen recorder. You can use it to record Minecraft, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Resident Evil and so on with no issue. Both the system and Microphone sound can be recorded and mixed seamlessly. It’s also very user-friendly as it requires only a few clicks to complete recording. After recording, you can also use it to edit the footage, compress the file, or convert the video to other popular formats freely.

Download the software and give it a shot!

Free Download Free Download

4. Nvidia Shadowplay - Optimal Gaming Screen Recorder for NVIDIA Users

Nvidia Shadowplay - Optimal Gaming Screen Recorder for NVIDIA Users

If you have a Nvidia GPU, you are highly recommended with Nvidia Shadowplay which is particularly made for Nvidia users to operate gameplay streaming and recording. The best part about ShadowPlay is that it uses the GPU (Nvenc) to handle the video encoding, so it won’t eat up your system resources. Instead, it ensures your smooth gaming experience while recording. The software can record high-resolution videos up to 4K at 60 frames per second so it can capture the details more clearly.

5. Radeon ReLive - Nice Shot for AMD Users

Radeon ReLive - video game capture software

Radeon Relive, or AMD ReLive as called earlier, is an equivalent to Nvidia Shadowplay and differs from the latter in the GPU it seized on. Similar to Nvidia Shdaowplay, Radeon Relive takes advantage of the AMD card in your rig and saves the CPU for other use. The features it has are also like that of Nvidia, but its performance falls short in some respects. When to record gameplay at 4K 60fps, users tend to complain about Relive's dropping frames. But it boasts another feature which is to upscale your video quality so that you can get a 4K video even if you are recording a 1080P material.

6. Fraps - Classic Yet Robust Recorder for Gamers

Fraps - best software to record gameplay

Fraps is an old product that carries a simple aim to record screen and capture screenshots and benchmark records. It does not have many fancy features as the others, yet such simplicity is its strength. Users can follow straightly its present options to customize the settings and use the hotkey to record games under the Movies section. It can record games using DirectX and OpenGL graphic technologies and output results in large but high-quality files. FPS varies from 30 ~ 60, but you can manually insert an FPS that’s even below 30. The cursor can also be shown on the screen like OBS. Another highlight of this lite-ware lies in its ability to record real-time system sound and external input. Fraps is only compatible with Windows 7 and lower versions.

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