Teachable is a fantastic place where you can learn or sell experience and know-how. Unlike Coursera, Udemy and other conventional MOOCs, Teachable is more like a middleman, where any individual or institution can create, manage, and sell courses on the platform, just like an online school. In addition to online streaming, it seems a fair number of people also wonder how to download Teachable videos and locally learn the courses. Fortunately, the 3 free Teachable downloaders introduced in this post will be of great help to you guys.
Kevincy | Updated on Jul 9, 2021
Quick Start:

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, why not learn something new while you stay at home? Teachable offers a platform that adopts a freemium model, where people can sell courses and benefit from knowledge and skill. To your surprise, some lectures and course are offered free for a limited time. So, it's a bright idea to download Teachable videos and courses against a rainy day for offline learning. However, it's a tough work, as you know, few creators will make their courses downloadable. In view of this, I'll recommend 3 Teachable video downloaders to tackle this issue.

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Disclaimer: The following methods are demonstrated for educational purpose and personal fair-use ONLY. WonderFox doesn't advocate downloading copy-righted Teachable videos for illegal sale, distribution and other commercial intentions.

Method 1: Free Desktop Teachable Video Downloader

You know what, most alleged Teachable video downloader on the market only allows you to download public lectures from Teachable, but CANNOT deal with those locked lecture content that requires you to log in and enroll in a course. Free HD Video Converter Factory is equipped with a simple video downloader that makes it a doddle for both of the cases. Install this freeware and stay close to the guide below.

Free Download Videos from Teachable and More
Free HD Video Converter Factory is a free, simple yet clean program that allows you to download Teachable videos in several mouse-clicks. Besides, practical features are as follows:
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    Step 1 - Log in Teachable Account

    To download the locked lecture content, e.g. https://foundr.teachable.com/courses/863271/lectures/15670114, first of all, you need to log in your account and enroll in a course.

    Step 2 - Find Wistia Video URL

    As Teachable videos are delivered using Wistia platform, downloading Teachable courses is equal to downloading Wistia videos. So play the course and right-click on the Wistia media player, then select "Copy Link and thumbnail" option.

    Step 3 - Extract Teachable Video ID

    Open a Notepad up and paste the link in, then copy the unique video ID "n0asfrz0ty" as shown in the screenshot below.

    Step 4 - Copy Teachable Video URL

    Now we’ll use the Wistia downloading link "http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/XXXXX". Replace "XXXXX" with the video ID "n0asfrz0ty". So the final link is "http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/n0asfrz0ty". Copy this URL and move on.

    Step 5 - Download Teachable Video

    Run Free HD Video Converter Factory and open "Downloader", click "New Download" and press "Paste and Analyze" button on the new window. After a short parsing time, it will display all available video resolutions. Select one option and add it to download list. Specify a directory to save the Teachable videos. At last, click "Download All" button to start Teachable course free download.

    Note: For Teachable public lectures without login required (e.g. https://khalidschool.teachable.com/courses/762604/lectures/13789600), directly paste the video URL to Free HD Video Converter Factory for analyzing and downloading. Furthermore, it can also help you download videos from Teachable YouTube Channel. To your surprise, it supports YouTube playlist and channel download to save your time and energy.

    Method 2: Online Teachable Video Downloader

    As I mentioned above, a few online platforms allow you to download Teachable videos, but they ONLY WORK for public lectures. I personally recommend ClipConverter, because it's capable of converting the downloaded video to MP4, MP3 or other popular formats, while some of other websites enable you to download Teachable videos as .bin format. So you have to convert BIN to MP4 afterward.

    They all share the similar download steps: copy video URL of a public lecture > paste the box for parsing > download or save video to local drive. Depending on different browsers, you may need to right-click on the download button and select "Save Video As" option.

    1. https://www.clipconverter.cc/ (Recommended)

    2. https://getvideo.at/en/

    3. https://keepv.id/download-teachable-videos

    4. https://ymp4.download/en8/teachable-video-downloader/

    Method 3: Download Videos from Teachable with XDM

    The famous Internet Download Manager (IDM) can help download Teachable courses using the built-in sniffer. However, it only saves the streaming video in TS format, and on the other hand, you have to pay for this program. By contrast, Xtreme Download Manager (also known as XDM) is the best free alternative that can serve as a free Teachable downloader. This free, safe and open-source download manager supports multiple protocols for online streaming videos and songs download.

    Download and install XDM on Windows, Mac OS and Linux through https://github.com/subhra74/xdm. After installation, run the program and you're prompted to install and enable the browser add-on (XDM Browser Monitor) for monitoring and grabbing the videos from Teachable (not necessary but recommended).

    Play a Teachable course, a transparent "DOWNLOAD VIDEO" button will appear in the bottom right corner of the webpage. Click the button, select the stream, then a dialog box shows up that allows you to name the video and select a directory to save the downloaded file. With the built-in Media Converter, you're able to select a preset in the drop-down list of "Convert to". Lastly, press "DOWNLOAD NOW" button to download and convert Teachable video to MP4.

    Download & Edit & Convert Video in One Place

    Apart from downloading videos from Teachable, Free HD Video Converter Factory also allows you to save videos and songs from 300+ hot websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, etc. Furthermore, it empowers you to edit and convert video/audio format in a foolproof way. Most importantly, this program is completely FREE!

    Final Words...

    That's all I want to share with you about how to download Teachable videos. Pick any method as you wish. By the way, these methods are certainly applicable to other website video download when you get the hang of them, try it yourself. If there is any better solution, you're welcomed to tell me via Facebook Messenger. See you in the next post.

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