How to Download Masha and the Bear for Kids?

Many kids’ favorite cartoon Masha and the Bear is currently available on YouTube for free streaming. But I know some of you also want to download Masha and the Bear videos for your kids to watch offline. So in the following article, I will introduce a simple method for Masha and the Bear episodes download with a safe and free video downloader. Grab this downloader here, and let’s get started!

Michelle | May 28, 2021

About Masha and the Bear

How to Download Masha and the Bear from YouTube?

Step 1. Copy Video URL

Step 2. Analyze URL and Choose Download Option

Step 3. Start Downloads

About Masha and the Bear

Based on a Russian children’s folk story of the same name, Masha and the Bear is a popular cartoon series that focuses on the funny adventures of a mischievous little girl Masha and her caring friend, the Bear, that always keeps her out of trouble. Though the cartoon is primarily aimed at the Russian audience, it certainly has an international appeal, as is attested by its episode’s (Recipe for Disaster) number six place of the top ten most-viewed videos on YouTube.

Families around the globe enjoy watching Masha and the Bear, for the show is both entertaining and educative. And many streaming sites, such as YouTube, offer users the opportunity to watch all episodes of Masha and the Bear free online. Yet, sometimes when we have a slow internet connection or no internet at all, it could be such an inconvenience if we want to watch another episode of Masha and the Bear. Hence, it would be better for us to download some of our favorite Masha and the Bear episodes in advance. Given this, I will share with you a decent video downloader and show you how to download Masha and the Bear from YouTube in the next part.

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Disclaimer: We do not advocate any copyright infringement. This guide is for personal fair use only. Please ensure your action is legal in your country/region.

How to Download Masha and the Bear from YouTube?

Though YouTube does not offer a direct download button, you can still download your wanted cartoon videos with a reliable third-party downloader.

Here I’d recommend Free HD Video Converter Factory, a highly-praised free tool that integrates an efficient converter and a powerful downloader into one program. And you can use it to download videos, songs, and playlists from various websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and then convert them to phone, tablet, TV, etc., for smooth playback. Now, I will show you how to download YouTube cartoons Masha and the Bear with this downloader below.

Before start, please free download free download the software and install it on your PC.

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Step 1. Copy Video URL

Go to YouTube and play your desired Masha and the Bear episode. It could be a single video or a video in a playlist. Then on the top address bar, copy the full-length URL of the video/playlist.

Step 2. Analyze URL and Choose Download Option

Launch Free HD Video Converter Factory and open the “Downloader.” Next, click on “+ New Download” and paste the copied URL into the blank box. Then hit “Analyze.” The downloader will begin to analyze the URL and then presents you with multiple download options. Select your preferred option and hit “OK” to add it to the download task.

Tips: You can repeat the step to add more videos to the download task for later batch downloading.

Step 3. Start Downloads

At the bottom area of the workspace, click the triangle button to specify an output path or leave it as default. When everything is ready, click “Download All” to start the downloads.


That’s all for how to download Masha and the Bear all episodes from YouTube. If you have any questions during your downloading, please feel free to contact me via Twitter. I’ll do my best to help. Now, get this downloader and start to download your favorite videos on your own!

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