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BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 Video Converter

If you own a BlackBerry 8800 or BlackBerry 8820 or BlackBerry 8830, do you hope to enjoy any videos on it? However, there is an apparent shortcoming of BlackBerry 88 series (BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8820 and BlackBerry 8830), that is, they can not play some videos because of the video format limitation.

To break this limitation, we need a blackberry 8800/8820/8830 video converter to convert videos to the compatible video formats for these three cell phones.

In this article we will introduce a related video converter to help do the task mentioned above.

'BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro' - The best solution to convert videos to BlackBerry 88 series.
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BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 Video Converter - Convert Videos to the BlackBerry 88 Series

Reasons that We Need BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 Video Converter

BlackBerry 88 series are all have a good performance in the field of video playing. Why? Let's see it in details, BlackBerry 88 series have the advantages of high memory, 320*240 pixel, 2.4 inches screen, which create the conditions for the 88 series to have a good performance in the field of video playing. However, like most portable devices or cell phones, there is still a apparent shortcoming of this series, that is the limitation of video format. The video formats that this series can support only are MPEG4, H.263, WMV and 3GP. There are many popular video formats like AVI, FLV, SWF, RMVB, MKV, MOV, ASF and so on that this series can not support. Thus, at this time, we really need a BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 video converter to solve the limitation of video formats.

Advices on How to Choose Good Video Converter for BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830

When looking for this kind of video converter, you will find a lot of related products in the related market. Not all of them can work like they advertised. At this time, you need to distinguish which one is the suitable one that can really help you.
There are some advices below that you should take into consideration when choosing a video converter for BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830.

* A good video converter for BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 should be able to accept all the popular video formats as its import formats. Only like this, you can really break the restriction of the video formats. However, there are a lot of BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 video converter can not be in accordance with this standard.
* A good this kind of video conversion software should have plenty of output choices and optimized profile. As we know, BlackBerry has many cell phone models, we should choose the BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 video converter that has every BlackBerry model as its output choice and each model need to be neatly organized in the profile combo box.
* It also should have fast converting speed, good converted videos, easy to use interface and without any virus, adware and spyware.

Among so many BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 converters, I think BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro is one of the best, this video converter is in accordance with all the standards mentioned above, which can help you convert videos to all BlackBerry series besides the 88 series. You can surely consider it as the BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 video converter.

How to Convert Video to BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 with the BlackBerry Video Converter?

If you think the BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro is good, here I will show how to convert video to BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 with this BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830 converter.

1. Download this video conversion software
2. Click 'Add' button to add the videos that you want to convert for your BlackBerry 88 series
3. Choose the output format that your BlackBerry 88 series can support from the profile combo box
4. Click 'Start' on the interface of this video converter to begin the converting processes


As you can see, you actually need three steps and then you can finish the converting task. For more information about how to convert video to BlackBerry 8800/8820/8830, you can see the user guide of this video converter.

Screenshot of BlackBerry Video Converter

BlackBerry Video Convertor

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BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro can Help you Do More – Related Tips and Tutorials

Like the passage mentioned above, BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro is specially designed for BlackBerry devices, it can convert virtually all video and audio files to nearly all BlackBerry devices with optimized presets. (More details about BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro and its Format References >>)

In the below passage, I will show you how to convert Flash videos, including FLV videos and online YouTube videos to BlackBerry supported videos.

For users who want to enjoy FLV videos on BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro can help you convert FLV to BlackBerry Style 9670, convert Flash video to BlackBerry Storm series, convert flash video to Blackberry 9700 and much more.

And, for users who want to play MKV files, including HD MKV files, BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro can easily help you convert MKV to BlackBerry PlayBook supported video, help you effortlessly convert MKV to nearly all BlackBerry cell phones, such as converting MKV to BlackBerry Curve 8900 and converting MKV to BlackBerry Bold 9700.

In conclusion, BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro is definitely the best chocie for you to convert video to BlackBerry devices supported videos. If you want to know more tips and tutorials about BlackBerry Video Converter Factory Pro, please see the BlackBerry video converting tips center.

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