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[100% Working] 3 Troubleshooting Tips to Solve Apple TV AVI Playback Issue

Author by Oswald

Updated Mar 30, 2020

AVI is a video container format that can wrap a variety of codecs making itself so popular that I believe everyone has some AVI videos in their movie inventory. Unlucky for Apple TV users, however, AVI is officially not supported by Apple TV. But you can still get your AVI playlist played on Apple TV in three roundabout ways, and they aren’t really hard, follow this guide and I’ll show you how.

Here’s the free video converter tool adopted by the recommended method:

Can Apple TV Play AVI?

Recently, when I browsing Apple Forum and Reddit, I always come across the debate on “whether Apple TV can play AVI”. I got curious and did some searching. In fact, from the official technical parameters (, AVI format is supported by Apple TV 2nd and 3rd generations, but under a strict rule - It requires Motion JPEG ( M-JPEG) video up to 35 Mbps, 1280 by 720 pixels, 30 fps, audio in u-law, PCM stereo audio. That is, most AVI videos are not supported since few meet the standard. When it gets to Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K, I figure Apple finally finds it meaningless so that they removed that futile and ridiculous AVI support.

Given the backgrounds, to properly watch AVI on Apple TV, there’s no point in fiddling with your Apple TV, let’s proceed to find out 3 free Apple TV AVI playback troubleshooting methods.

Method 1 (Recommended). Convert AVI to Apple TV Supported Format

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a free and practical video converter program. It’s one of the best free video converters in 2019 and can significantly facilitate your digital life by performing fast and lossless video transcoding, to prevent you for good from video & audio incompatibility issue, which is quite a bummer during media entertainments. With this program, you can convert AVI files to Apple-TV-friendly video formats in a few clicks. Similar to the same old MKV Apple TV, DVD Apple TV playback issues.

Free Download Free Download

Apple TV provides native support for .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats.

How to Convert AVI to Apple TV with Free HD Video Converter Factory

Import unsupported AVI videos

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Load Unsupported AVI Videos into the Program

Launch Free HD Video Converter Factory, click “Add Files” or drag and drop to add your AVI files into the program. Then define the destination path at the “Save to” box below.

Convert AVI to Apple TV video format

Step 2. Convert AVI to Apple TV Video Format

Click on the output format section on the right side of the main workplace. For beginners, this program thoughtfully provides ready-made Apple device profiles. You can simply conduct the conversion by clicking Apple TV profiles from the “Apple” category. If you are an experienced user looking for precise conversion, you can convert AVI to MP4, AVI to M4V, AVI to MOV, etc by clicking the corresponding format icon from the “Video” category. When ready, hit “Run” to start the AVI Apple TV conversion.

The program also supports to add subtitles to videos, trim video clips, remove an audio track, etc. Just click to learn more.

Import videos into Apple TV with iTunes

Step 3. Import the Converted Videos into Apple TV for Playback

1) Import converted videos to your iTunes library

2) Sync your iTunes with Apple TV. On iTunes, go to File > Home Sharing > Turn on Home Sharing > Login > Select your Apple TV

3) On Apple TV, go to Settings > Computers > Add Shared iTunes Library. Normally, your iTunes library will automatically sync to Apple TV once you’d login with your account.

4) Play the converted videos as usual, do enjoy the smooth playback!

Method 2. Stream AVI to Apple TV via AirPlay Mirroring

I’m sure you can’t be unfamiliar with AirPlay as an iOS user, but perhaps you either haven’t tried it or haven’t made full use of it. To make it easier to digest, AirPlay is a suite developed by Apple enabling wireless streaming of audio, video, screens, and photos between devices, which naturally sounds similar to DLNA services, right? Those with experiences of using Plex, Roku, Emby have it easy, the gist is to utilize the native AVI support provided by a third-party media player and stream it to your Apple TV taking the advantage of AirPlay.

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How to Play AVI on Apple TV via AirPlay Mirroring on iOS and Mac:

Activate AirPlay on Apple TV Activate AirPlay on Apple TV


System requirement: iPhone 4s, iPad 2, or iPod touch 5th, iPad mini with iOS 12.2 or later

1) Connect iOS device to your Apple TV with the same WiFi

2) On your device, play the desired AVI files with an AVI player

3) Swipe up to access control center, hit “AirPlay”

4) Select the receiver (Apple TV) and enable “Mirroring”

Activate AirPlay on MacActivate AirPlay on Mac


System requirement: Mac with macOS 10.14.5 or later

1) Open iTunes on your Mac, login with your account

2) Connect your Mac with Apple TV using the same Wi-Fi

3) Once synced, there should be an AirPlay button appears on the menu bar, click and enable it

4) Play the AVI files you desire with an AVI player on your Mac

5) If failed, go to System Preferences > Display, and try again

Method 3. Install VLC for Apple TV for Apple TV AVI Playback

VLC media player is a completely free and open-source media player that supports virtually all video formats with its integrated codecs. The best part is, it’s a multi-platform program that you can find on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. BeOS, BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Solaris and Windows CE, etc. So if you are having trouble playing a video, VLC media player is a solid support to draw.

VLC for Apple TVVLC for Apple TV

Implement AVI Apple TV Playback with VLC Media Player:

1) On your Apple TV, navigate to or search “VLC” in apple store

2) Download and install VLC media player

3) Import the AVI files you intend to play to your Apple TV

4) Launch VLC media player App on Apple TV

5) Play AVI files with VLC media player

If VLC media player failed to correctly play your files, which happens at times (there is a known defect that VLC fails to play the AVI files containing AC3 audio codec), navigate to Method 1 or Method 2 for troubleshooting.


I hope you’ve benefited from this page and your problems are solved. If you’re still having no clue or have further questions, feel free to contact us.

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