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Specific Tutorial of How to Add Music to YouTube Video Legally

Author by Charlotte

Updated on May 28, 2021

 I was extremely confused that why the sound of my uploaded YouTube video was muted? Have you encountered the same problem? After I have tried a lot of methods, finally I found that to add music to YouTube video may be the best method to fix the problem. Therefore, I want to share with all of you about how to add music to a YouTube video in this article. If you prefer to download songs or extract music from YouTube videos, download the free software here:

Why was the Sound of Your YouTube video Muted or Removed?

Have you ever encountered such situations that the sound of your uploaded YouTube video was removed or muted? Do you know the reason and can you find an appropriate method to fix such issue? Actually, YouTube is able to detect the copyright-protected components of your videos posted on YouTube automatically. If your YouTube video was muted, the main reason is that your uploaded video contains copyright-protected audio. Under such situations, the music owner can issue a copyright claim on your video.

You have to admit that to add background music to videos can make videos surrounded with appropriate atmospheres according to the different genre of music. To add music to video is commonly be regarded as one of the best methods to make your video more enjoyable and attractive! Therefore, don’t worry! Follow the below steps to fix no sound or YouTube audio muted issue.

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How to Add Music to a YouTube Video with YouTube Video Manager

Actually, you can easily fix how to add music to a YouTube video issue through YouTube Video Manager. There has a built-in audio swapping tool of YouTube Video Manager which enables you to legally swap and add music to YouTube video from a large number of licensed songs without any copyright issue. Follow the below steps to learn how to put music on YouTube videos and how to use music in YouTube videos.

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How to Add Music to a YouTube Video

how to put music on youtube videos

Step1: Sign in to Your YouTube Account

Go to, sign in to the YouTube account through your Gmail account and visit your YouTube Video Manager page:

Step2: Choose the Video You Want to Add Music to

After visiting your YouTube Video Manager page, you can select the specific video to add audio to YouTube video. Then click “Audio” under the drop-down list of “Edit” button.

Save Changes

Step3: Add Music to YouTube Video

After entering the audio edit page, there are a lot of royalty-free music listed below the video. In addition, you can select the genre, duration, etc. so as to better match the style and length of your video. Click “Add to Video” button to add the music you selected as your background music for YouTube videos.

Step4: Save Changes to Finish the Work

You can preview the effect of added music and drag the slider on both right and left sides to adjust the audio and video's position and length. Finally click “Save changes” button to finish the work of adding music to YouTube video.

Tips: If you haven’t found the audio track you preferred, you can go to Audio Library: to download these free-to-use music to your local hard drive for editing or copy the name of the music to the page of YouTube Video Manager for searching directly. If the sentence "You're free to use this song in any of your videos" appears when you click each single track among the Audio Library, that means the music in the list are allowed to be reused and can be monetized.

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At last...

According to my own experience, to add audio to YouTube video through YouTube Video Manager is the most time-saving and labor-saving method. Or if you prefer to download or extract audio from YouTube videos for convenient storage, playback or post-production. Here also recommends a best free desktop software to help you download and extract audio from video. You can free download it to have a try!

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